• Amber

    If by light divine, radiance doth continue shining
    Moment by fragmentary moment
    A paradise of slivered shivers chilling from splendor
    In diaphanous diadems aplenty... more »

  • Arise, My Sun

    The dawn anew rose, riding in on a glazed
    Trumpeting blast: ballast of fury, immolation,
    Sunlight in gentle slumber hidden within the stars
    Only slightly, as the earth continues turning... more »

  • Call It Black (But Let It Be True)

    On a theme
    And its variants... more »

  • Consider

    Consider my surroundings; the snow-capped lava stones
    Freckling the landscape pristine, a whited glassy sheen
    Glistening with reflections on a sharpened sky of blue
    And shimmering with frigid stillness, sunshine no warmth bears... more »

  • Edge Of Decaying

    As dreamt on the fringe of light decaying
    Mourning the snow falling in rain
    Melting in hearts split apart by distance
    Joined by voice... more »

  • Fading

    The batteries of powder as they drive
    Through a clearing; have and have not survive
    A tale of tempest and tempest’s tale
    Telling of the trees that stood when the winds prevail... more »

  • Iliam

    As my body, pierced, stripped and bleeding
    Dragged on a circuit around my walled city
    Of indefatigable resolve
    I lay wounded, dying, hurried... more »

  • In Winter Still

    The axe through the wooden piles plows through
    Cleaving, a wintry fog and dry rain leaving,
    And chips of timber and clovers left in silence pondering... more »

  • Last Vestiges

    The apple peeler
    Is a handy contraption and a
    Knife fighting trick
    That pains far worse than... more »

  • Mid-Winter View

    October ushers forth its own fangéd dreams
    Sinking its sharpened teeth into the lushness of the future,
    As with cadences of moonlight falling, as do the deceased
    Raindrops continue to rain over those who in their silent... more »

  • Of A Beginning

    A stunning denouement, a riposte
    Like flaming posts in the Garden of Eden
    Left me bleeding
    And still needing, in need of still... more »

  • Shift

    A mellow dramatic shift precluding
    Anticipation of return
    To lonely long distances between
    Horizons spanning wind and wilderness... more »

  • Substantive

    Vignettes and oubliettes
    With curios stacked upon a buttered shelf
    And myself
    Strolling amid the raindrops on mournful descent... more »

  • Sunken Graves

    The wide road to the edge leads to a place no one wishes to find
    And only one step leads to journeys of unfathomable lengths
    All it takes is one spark to set a forest alight, one word to start a burning love... more »

  • Symposium

    Having lost myself in wandering
    Watching one estranged conductor leading
    Some symposium of roses... more »

  • The First Day

    In this you show me I have won
    With ever so subtle subtleties
    Unknown to common man
    The riddle begins... more »