hunter l sawyer Biography

my name is hunter lee sawyer, i am but 19 years young, and i'm the youngest son in my family. i consider myself just another person stuck in this life of strife, slowly finding my true self. Being still a teenager, i have received praise from my friends and family telling me of how mature i am for my age, though i am aware there are still many lessons for my young mind to learn, i appreciate all the support from my friends and family. i believe that deep down all humans share the same feelings, though some hide more than others. im trying to get my feelings and thoughts out to anyone who feels lost in this world, for we all have been there. what i wish to do with my life is help those less fortunate than myself and to become a youth minister or something along those lines to help lost souls realize that believing in yourself is where it all starts. i love meeting and talking with new people, so if you would like to discuss any problems or just life in general, feel free to email me, thanks yall.