• Calling For Help

    it is hard
    to put our past behind us,
    especially with
    shame and guilt to remind us.... more »

  • Deception

    what is it today with all the wars and treaties,
    why not take that money to help the poor and needy
    there are things in life that can be very pleasing,
    this world is beautiful but the inside can be quite deceiving,... more »

  • Finding Myself

    lessons in life must be learnt by myself,
    successful dreams: not concerned with my wealth...
    my real identity in the process of being found,
    day by day: I narrow it down...... more »

  • I Am Me

    my actions,
    I feel no regrets.
    I try not to impress.... more »

  • Moderation

    these past years have been taken in moderation,
    teaching me to accept this wrath...
    of figuring out who I am,
    am I following his plan,... more »

  • Please

    protect me,
    direct me,
    I just want you... more »

  • Rescue Me

    this life of mine,
    I have lived it quite selfishly.
    It seems
    I let this sinful world get the best of me.... more »