• Animatronics 101

    Ashes to Ashes
    Dust to Dust
    To know the next line
    Was never a ‘must’... more »

  • Bioethics 101

    Wandering through the street market
    Feeling bad for wagging recess
    And wondering how to pay my way
    Out of this obliterated ad-hoc mess... more »

  • Bioinformatics 101

    Our Father who Art in Heaven
    Hello? What’s your name?
    Since you and Mother Earth divorced
    Home-life’s never been the same.... more »

  • Cobalt 42

    We welcome you with open arms
    Embrace us with your gore and charms
    Swipe that light bulb from the sky
    Please hold me close I want to die... more »

  • Crash Course In Stunt Riding

    Bareback upon a bourgeois pony
    I’m riding with no hands
    My eyes are glued to the Holy Grail
    And my ascendant deformed fans... more »

  • Fly By Night

    Your stalking horse awaits you
    He’s come to fly you through the night
    You better keep watch your back
    ‘Cause he’s a pretty boy - but... more »

  • Heaven Is A Place On Earth

    A crimson dome of murderous red
    Sculls the blood of those just dead
    The solar systems meld into one
    As nightfall engulfs the sun... more »

  • Hey Christine

    Hey Christine what’s going on?
    Whatever happened to Miss Saigon?
    Down the river selling out
    I tried to be a good girl scout... more »

  • Pyrotechnics 101

    “Change is as good as a Holiday”
    But why should I want either?
    I’m right down to spare change now
    I can’t afford to take a breather.... more »

  • Ride A White Horse

    Ride a white horse
    When you want to fly
    Wave goodbye to your pain
    As you spiral up high.... more »

  • Skid Row

    I woke up alone again back on skid row
    I saw familiar faces in a puppet show
    I saw things that triggered old scars to bleed
    Upon re entry I started to burn up in speed... more »

  • The Princess Sector

    I’d chalked Sunday up
    To being a bore
    When some girl sashayed in
    To announce civil war.... more »

  • The Sunshine Express

    I’m gonna get to you
    I’m declaring the third World War
    We’re way long overdue
    for bloodlust down to the core... more »

  • Twelve Red Roses

    Twelve red roses for the earth
    Welcome the third blind-eyed birth
    And pity ‘cause it isn’t worth
    The cellophane... more »

  • We Have Ignition

    Step right up, folks!
    And kill off that frown
    It won’t be long now
    ‘Till the circus hits town... more »