• 8-Legged Wonders

    Oh cunning, cunning spider
    Weave me a web full of dreams
    With sticky strings which connect possibilities
    Overnight you create a miracle, until the dawn sings... more »

  • A Gentle Killing

    Lying on my bedroom floor
    Letting these tears pour
    I am distressed, dreadful and maddened
    Thinking so hard about what had happened... more »

  • A Tale Of A Friend

    Come to me and dance to inspire
    One’s twiddled mortality
    And fulfill a satisfying desire
    For a friend who’s open arms to welcome me... more »

  • Adam

    I look at the sky with its pondering blue
    The hurling leaves flow upon your wavy hair
    The ride of the rhythm with the tone of your voice
    But nature covers you as you continuously walk bare ... more »

  • An Escape Of A Lonely Child

    Walls are narrowing as I step forth
    Delivered falseness in the conceit of truth
    Never must I journey to what’s not merely worth
    And may I pass by as a member of the youth... more »

  • Hopeless

    It’s senseless feeling this way
    When it’s clear that you’re unwanted
    When it’s clear that everything’s fruitless and desperate
    Going further and further until you achieve nothing... more »

  • Michiganne's Letter Michiganne Is A Name Here Not A Place

    It’s another day, another sunset
    Your mesmerizing eyes meet mine again
    I wonder now if you feel the same whenever our eyes met
    And if you knew what’s hard to let you know... more »

  • Nameless Mister

    Words suddenly start to amass in my mouth
    But barricaded by some mysterious hindrance
    They give up and now they refuse
    It’s too late; another abandoned chance... more »

  • Question

    I asked the sky
    When it passed by
    And flew over my head
    What’s my purpose in this world?... more »

  • Reality's Walls

    Here's another dream, another ambition
    Here's another reason to reach for the stars
    Why do I think that it's still possible
    When it's already clear that you're too high, too far... more »

  • Running

    I’m wounded badly
    Struggled so much to be your star
    But that dream seems impossible for me
    Knowing your distance from me is too far... more »

  • Seasons Of Hope

    The morning takes its first breath
    Breathes its best to overcome what’s past
    A kiss from the clouds begins to open my eyes
    And all of the darling day’s for me to last... more »

  • Shapeless

    My heart is like glass when it shattered today
    And my lips sealed tight for there’s nothing more I could say
    Flown into rivers, driven to flood
    The tears I’ve cried is already my blood... more »

  • Stageplay

    Bored of cries I don’t usually feel
    Tired of hearing words so unreal
    Sick of blankets useless to weave
    Lies about its warmth but who else is there to deceive... more »

  • The Confused Fangirl

    I remain undecided by thinking of the past
    Between Struggles of reality and a dream that will forever last
    Why would I choose to endure the pain of before
    When I've got a page of colors willing to offer more... more »

  • The Project

    Look at this; look at that, look at those
    Do you pity these children on the streets?
    Who wanders and wonders where their destiny goes
    And sleep under cold carton sheets... more »

  • This Cut

    This cut, it bleeds
    This attempt is great
    Death is grim
    And this is fate... more »