• 49 Card Deck

    a jewel amongst thieves
    yet no one percieves i'm a gem... more »

  • 5 Star Cuisine

    i bring you my heart
    on a platter... more »

  • A Date With The Devil

    sitting on street bench, between satan and his high school sweetheart pondering the incongruousness of the lovers peering at eachother behind my back.

    the prince of darkness is hiding his passion but i can see his red cheeks showing a hint of blush, and hers the same. how sickening that he finds love and the closest i've come is sitting between him and his princess.... more »

  • A Pill For You, A Pill For Me

    kicking men disguised as drapes
    (your face is making distorted shapes)
    i try to scream but the sound escapes...
    through the hole i dug in my leg.... more »

  • A Rhyme For The Love Of Tragedy

    im done feeling like i need you
    so im choosing to leave you
    and if i ever i believed you
    i know now it's a lie.... more »

  • Absynthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

    surrounded by those who are lit by Your light
    and i always stood in the shade
    when i finally found myself almost believing in You
    i found myself feeling betrayed.... more »

  • An Anthrax White Christmas

    i sent you a christmas card with the anthrax you bought me for my birthday.

    what doesn't kill you makes you stonger, right?... more »

  • Aortic Heaving

    do you want to know what your memory leaves?
    just grab a hold of my heart, then tightly squeeze
    you see that blood?
    that's your cheating.... more »

  • Ari's Treatises

    political beings
    of perfect virtue... more »

  • Blunted Verses The Mouse

    remembering your blunted verses
    how you cried and cursed... more »

  • Broken Tiarra

    are you pleased to see the blood i'm bleeding
    staining the page you'll eventually be reading
    the red covers the lines
    as my heart defines... more »

  • Call Me Whatever...And Hold On Tight

    he pulled her hair just enough to arouse himself
    and she smiled, a coy and inviting grin,
    this was her finest hour when her beauty was his fortress
    and his strong hands were the guards at the gate.... more »

  • Cocaine Prayers

    you know that i can spot your fear
    like cocaine on your nose, my dear.

    those things you think you locked inside... more »

  • Cover Girl

    transparent imperfections
    clouded by my smile... more »

  • Daylight Savings

    Friday,8 am alarm
    47 hours later... more »

  • Dear Me, Love Me

    i cried for you last night when i turned out the light
    i saw your walls of pain... more »

  • Dirty Divorce

    his conscience grew as his thoughts turned to her
    my conscience knew he would return to her... more »

  • Family Values

    left here with my own concern
    i do not think i will ever learn... more »

  • Fifty-One

    Marijauna cigarette.
    My silhouette.... more »

  • Following Poser

    what is this i feel
    jealosy amidst... more »

  • Happy Holes

    i dug a hole and i like it there
    unconcerned with what to wear or how i smell
    no heaven, no hell, inside this hole i dug.... more »

  • Hardcore Barbie

    the sweat from the hand cuffs is pooling around my wrist
    like blood pouring down from a vampires kiss

    i can't get enough... more »

  • I Hate Your Face

    i put today on repeat and start all over again
    i wake up in the morning and reach for my pen
    and into a hiding place for writing i off and retreat.... more »

  • I Heart Your Heart

    i put my ear to your paper thin walls
    and i could hear your heart beat... more »

  • I'D Help You Hide A Body

    no lectures needed..
    i'm not backing down..... more »