• A Parting

    This Thing -
    This Feeling -
    That she gave to me,
    Or I took …... more »

  • A Tanka Poem

    Bees gather pollen
    Which they bring back to their hives,
    As I take breakfast:
    Sweet honey spread over toast.... more »

  • Etude For Didgeridoo

    Boom bada | boom bada | boom bada | boom bada
    Hmm huh | hmm huh | huh huh | huh huh... more »

  • First Heat Of Summer - Haiku

    ... more »

  • Great Orb Rising

    Pale moonlight, cold sphere
    Silently sailing
    Night’s skies, dark and clear.
    Distant stars lighting... more »

  • Memories

    Smoky basement - hard benches;
    Men sweat - girls with stale perfume.
    Warm beer spilling on the floor,
    12-bar blues filling the room.... more »

  • Spring Haiku

    ... more »

  • The Procession

    Through early-morning mists, the pilgrim train
    Trudges two-by-two beside the ancient stream
    That quietly flows across the land,
    Sanctified by time.... more »

  • This Secluded Beach

    ... more »

  • Una Esclava En Venta

    She sits alone amid the milling crowd, head bowed in shame
    To hide her burning tears.
    A placard round her neck shows age and name:
    Rhodon – a rose, and barely eighteen years.... more »

  • Volcano

    When thunderous roars that shake the land
    Hurl rocks out from the fires of hell,
    And through the air, with mighty force,
    Until they shatter on the ground... more »