Ian Ayres Biography

IAN AYRES, founder of the original Van Gogh's Ear anthology series, began writing poetry at puberty in houses of ill fame. In 1982, Leona Helmsley fired him from his desk clerk job at Helmsley Palace (New York City) for writing a poem on the back of Elizabeth Taylor's autograph in the hotel's celebrity guestbook. Since then, his poems and short stories have appeared internationally in hundreds of publications. Ayres moved from the U.S.A. to France in 1989 and, ten years later, along with Eric Ellena, created the movie production company French Connection Films. Ayres' memoir, Private Parts: The Early Works of Ian Ayres, features his previously unpublished experiences with luminary legends such as Tennessee Williams, Allen Ginsberg, Yoko Ono, Edumund White, Quentin Crisp, as well as a collection of Ayres' poetry, and is available through Amazon.com or an autographed copy can be requested directly from French Connection Films: www.frenchcx.com/press/private-parts-the-early-works-of-ian-ayres/