• Saint Pariah

    "The poet is a pariah, an anomaly."
    ~ Henry Miller... more »

  • The Alarm Is Set

    It is 4: 13 a.m. I’ve awakened
    On the brink of World War III
    This pain in my gut could be cancer
    Could be gas could be mass extinction... more »

  • The Masseuse's Son

    His mom’s client hurried naked from her room
    Aroused, proof she’d been doing more than massage
    Or massaging more than backs as if to confront
    All the petty people brought up by petty people... more »

  • The Sparkle Of Extinct Stars

    Dying TV sucks stars into a deep green void
    & I'm reflected there, on my knees for nothing
    nothing but this audience in my head
    these front-row critics telling me I don't matter... more »

  • We Are The Dead

    My revolver
    So easy to get
    Cocked in fist
    On the way to the grave... more »

  • Word Painting (For Yoko Ono)

    It’s all heartache
    Until you let go
    Then it becomes one
    Continuous Now... more »