Ian Uriel Girdley was born in a commune in Southern Indiana, but was raised in Owensburg, a small town within spitting distance from Bloomington, Indiana, where he made his adult home or lived homeless from 1998 to 2007. He started writing poetry in 2003 after reading “Dharma Bums” by Jack Kerouac, and soon began participating in many events and facets of Bloomington's rich poetry scene. He now lives in Jeffersonville, Indiana with his fiancee' and a roommate where he continues to write poetry, and, more recently, short fiction. He founded and currently runs a group called Syzygy which promotes poetry, music, and the arts in Southern Indiana He is self-employed as a free-lance writer and makes absolutely no money. He is happy, nonetheless, as long as he has cigarettes to smoke, a pen and paper to write, and some bourbon from time to time to sip on. Besides writing and organizing poetry events, he spends his time trying to avoid police officers and spends his evenings playing scrabble with his fiancee'. Ian has poems published in 'Fine Wine Mortar' and 'A Cocoon for the Pages', two anthologies published by Matrix Literary Arts Organization, Decomp Online Literary Magazine, and the Louisville Eccentric Observer. He has four self-published poetry chapbooks, three of which he offers free as downloadable e-books at http: //ianurielgirdley.livejournal.com.


Ian Uriel Girdley Poems

A Fallen Maple

My hand brushes
across a branch
fondling the
leaves like... more »

Lonesome Winter Blues

I put two fingers to
my lips burnt by winter
oh how she used to love
how softly my lips felt on hers.... more »


I used to think it was a genie bottle,
whose contents lifted my head into a dreamy world of clouds,

buzz is a good word for the tingling lack of sensation,... more »

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