• A Fallen Maple

    My hand brushes
    across a branch
    fondling the
    leaves like... more »

  • Drunk

    I used to think it was a genie bottle,
    whose contents lifted my head into a dreamy world of clouds,

    buzz is a good word for the tingling lack of sensation,... more »

  • Lonesome Winter Blues

    I put two fingers to
    my lips burnt by winter
    oh how she used to love
    how softly my lips felt on hers.... more »

  • The Skinny Girl

    She was beautiful but as big as a twig,
    I thought-waif-like angel won't you eat,
    I imagine I might crush you if
    we get the chance to roll around in dirty sheets.... more »

  • We Are Larger Than The Atom

    As the universe expands
    we grow smaller into the more infinite
    with no inclination that our perceptions
    may be inverse... more »