Ian Zeller Biography

I am only 17 so I havn't had that long of a life, but I have little bits and pieces that are good I have started on a Varsity football team. I work out a lot I bench 255lbs Woop de doo but yeh I like working out writing poetry. Then I get good grades I like to fabricate and I LOVE DRAWING. Art 3 is my favorite class ever silince is bliss with the exception of music(good music) Now going into Art 4.
Poetry is has been my main thing ever since the start of the year which I must perfect even more. Not saying I wanna be famous for my poetry but I would strongly like to be known for my words. I am working at the cannery which is inspiring for words I dont know why but with mindless work it gives me a lot of time to think about poetry and stuff.
I am really worried about my future especially when I high school ends in that I know what I want to do but I dont have the money to do it. I want to be a mechanic but I dont have the money for the education....