• Draws A Blank

    My mind draws
    a blank

    I am lost... more »

  • I Am Withou A Cause

    I am without a cause
    without concern in knowing
    I will never learn to live
    I live without knowing how to... more »

  • I Die

    I die in my mind my soul dies
    it dies from these people from my own my mind
    it controls me destroys me
    why am I so weak to think these people control me... more »

  • Imagination

    A black sky with white clouds
    close your eyes try to lose
    your self... more »

  • Self Content

    To be alone
    not with the
    crowd... more »

  • Who Am I

    Who am I to question
    a guy with a book
    Who am I to question god and
    his teachings... more »