• Absence

    Who loves the winter as you do?
    And is fascinated by trees that resist the wind as you do?
    And who like you perfects life... more »

  • Bewildered

    In the beginning
    the horses said, we need plains... more »

  • Childhood

    Three small dreams, alone
    pass through the night
    searching for a house... more »

  • Confession

    the house is a grave with a door and a window... more »

  • Days

    On the first day
    I held my hand as it drew a coffin... more »

  • Freedom

    Away from the flowerpots
    and the scissors of the housewives
    in the graveyards the rose bushes whisper:... more »

  • Funeral

    He bequeathed his soul…to horses' foreheads
    His feet…to a dance that makes the earth want to
    Be green... more »

  • Homeland

    Under the yoke of our mornings
    the sun crumbles
    and in the darkness of our steps
    our panting breath is on fire... more »

  • Poets

    In that good and distant city
    in a courtyard full of grass... more »

  • Survivors

    We are alive this morning
    And are still here
    We cried a lot... more »