• A Fear Out Of Many

    If I asked you the simple question
    Would you say that you fear nothing at all
    Or would you lie saying you fear everything you saw
    If you asked my what would I say?... more »

  • An Icy Cold

    Open your eyes to what I see
    Cold and hate is what I feel
    I can’t get out of it not even if I made I deal
    Pride is all that keeps me up... more »

  • Coming To America

    Once upon a time
    when we didnt have a dime
    when we lived on the streets
    when it was hard to get back on our feet... more »

  • Father's Day

    he disapped
    and the answers aren't so clear
    he mayhave been old
    but man was he bold... more »

  • From A Young Mind

    A place where I am from
    And to tell you the truth when I see the news
    The events just seemed dumb
    All I see now a days... more »

  • Help...

    He is walking by a river
    Feeling worse and worse by the minute
    One second he is looking at the river
    The next he is in it... more »

  • I Miss You

    here i am
    in this far away land
    far form the poeple i love
    i flyed away i flyed up above... more »

  • Just My Nightmare

    What is happening
    Nothing makes any sense
    and everything around me feels so dense
    He walks up to me... more »

  • Lies

    this is the way it is
    and I dont know why
    It dosent even matter how hard you try
    lies are a part of life... more »

  • Mother

    oh mother how you make me open my eyes
    you never told me not one lie
    and you gave me all the things money can't buy
    yes i know things have charge... more »

  • My Act

    I play this stuipd act
    and i cant take nothing back
    this act of happiness
    just brings out the ignorance... more »

  • No One Cares

    no one cares about
    the girl with black hair
    no one cares about
    that girl who lives up stairs... more »

  • Our Greed

    I just wanna be heard
    loud and clear
    and many of the things that we have, will not always be here.
    these words are coming form within... more »

  • Runaway

    I am only 12
    and what do you see
    what they do
    stings me like a bee... more »

  • The Pressure To Be Thin

    its the first day back
    and what I see tall skinny girl
    linger around me
    form all different worlds... more »

  • The Translucent Girl

    I walk in the hall
    and you don't see
    I am the translucent girl
    Ican run out the room... more »

  • The Tunnel

    wake up at 6 end at 3
    uh-oh I think I got a D
    right now the tunnel is kind of dark
    and all the teachers do is bark... more »

  • The Way You Treat Me

    you treat me like i'm not even there
    and you even wish i would get malled by a bear
    you hold a very hard gruge
    and when I do something... more »

  • To Whom It Concerns

    To whom it concerns
    I yelled at my teacher
    but who cares he airn't no precher
    To whom it concerns... more »

  • What Is Love

    Tell me about this thing
    that I do not understand
    Tell me about this thing
    that people say everyone has....... more »

  • Whats Inside

    All this fashion u call pretty
    i just need to give u pity
    you tease and fuss
    thinking thats all beauty is... lust... more »