If you look closer you can see that my eyeliner's running XD

If you look closer you can see that my eyeliner's running XD

  • .

    I wish it was over but its never over
    this feeling goes on for forever
    And i've been wasting my time covering up the scars
    Day dreams and trains of thought that cut up hearts... more »

  • {friends} This Ones From Expereience

    True friends....

    they stick by you
    they love you no matter what you do... more »

  • A Million Todays

    my hearts a lonely beat
    beating for a thousand years
    Painful as it is
    I cant forget my fears... more »

  • A Whole Lot More Of Random Words...

    You can walk away
    but ill never forget you
    You can't call me down
    and I'll still love you... more »

  • Am I Human Yet? ! ? ! ? !

    Daddy I've been screaming, but you just wont wake
    I need for you to hear me, but I dunno how long that will take
    You can say words and words but somehow you can't hear me
    LOOK AT ME please dont hit him, oh god can't you see... more »

  • Baby's Back

    Babys coming home
    and she's smiling
    She's not alone
    and she's not crying... more »

  • Best Friends For....Never

    I could've fogiven all the noise of that day
    If you didnt just look at me and walk away
    I just wanted you to be there for me like I was there for you
    but I guess holding me up as I tried to survive was too much too do... more »

  • Bleeding Beat Of A Broken Heart

    where have you gone? I need you here
    failing to find any light in my fear
    have you given up on me once and for all?
    please dont do this; dont let me fall... more »

  • Broken Hour Glass

    I know that broken hearts may never heal
    and that judgement can cut so deep
    but dont let them stop you from knowing how to feel
    They can't see the red tears your bodies weep... more »

  • Bullet

    The rains falling down,
    My heads spinning round,
    I'm sorry that I'm just not good enough,
    I'm sorry that this is my only escape from all this stuff,... more »

  • Causing Me Pain

    I know that you'd love to help me
    but there is nothing more you could do,
    I know that you want to save me,
    but the fact is I hate you.... more »

  • Cocane

    I was a little stressed out that day
    and I know it doesnt make it okay
    but thats just how I dealt
    and it wont erase the feeling I felt... more »

  • Dead On The Railroad Tracks

    And so this is it; this is where my life has lead
    standing here on the railroad tracks
    Tradgedy takes hold and soon I shall lay dead
    Dont turn me around from facing the facts... more »

  • For Me/ For You

    For myself I must be real,
    For myself I try to heal,
    For myself I hide in my room,
    For myself I open up to doom.... more »

  • Forever

    I look out my window and wonder where you are,
    I hope you still think of me and that you haven't gone to far,
    The worlds going by outside and I know it's full of lies,
    But it'd all be okay if you looked into my eyes.... more »

  • Here I Go

    I cant believe its happening today,
    I wish I could lay here till the angels take me away,
    I've been forgetting who I really am and who I never got to be,
    I found a way out and I'm taking it cuz I've forgen how to see.... more »

  • Here In The Darkness Is Where I Belong

    It's all coming to an end
    walls are falling as I've got broken parts to mend
    if only I could find the missing pieces covered in my pain
    covering my scars and feeling the acid rain... more »

  • How Could You?

    ... more »

  • How?

    how do you push the pain away?
    how do you tell them that ur okay?
    how do you keep on trying after failing so many times?
    how do you say it all in just a few rhymes?... more »

  • I Got What I Got

    I wanna tell you that I need you,
    I wanna tell you that I'm scared too,
    but see the thing is it feels like my lips are stitched together,
    and if I don't break my lips apart soon you could be gone forever,... more »

  • Just A Rant

    Take these wrists
    Kiss these scars
    Look at my lips
    Venus and Mars... more »

  • Light In The Dark

    ~I’m keeping my eyes closed so I can’t go insane~
    {Open your eyes and I’ll shield your eyes from this pain}

    ~Sometimes I just want to die~... more »

  • Listen......Up......

    Listen closley to me know,
    I know other people know what I fell and somehow....

    You can't hear me when I scream and say I need something more....... more »

  • Lonesome Hearts

    What life is this, when we live it constantly in pain?
    Nothing hushes the feeling not even the soft pounding of the rain.
    So when things go wron gin our lives who will put things right for us?
    Will you help yourself to another smoke just..... because?... more »

  • Mama....

    Never thought my life would be like this,
    No more encouraging words; not a kiss,
    No more saying I'm the daughter you always wanted,
    No more...because of the way you look at me; like I'm haunted.... more »