If you look closer you can see that my eyeliner's running XD

If you look closer you can see that my eyeliner's running XD

  • Mirrior

    Who is this that I see
    she's in the mirror right before me
    her eyes are haunted with shadows
    this girls giving up to such sweet sorrows... more »

  • My Eyeliner

    This day I'll look at you and hope you see,
    Past the eyes and inside at the girl I'll always be,
    She's a girl thats dying and hopeing that someone is gonna save her this day,
    A tall dark stranger that would come and wipe her tears away,... more »

  • My Final Good-Bye

    Hello, here I am,
    I'm in pain and you dont give a damn.... more »

  • My Version Of Pain

    He hurt me in a way unseen
    And some how I was stuck inbetween
    But not at least I've cleared my head
    And realized its hard to be alive and easy to be dead... more »

  • Plz Read And Tell Me What You Think....

    ... more »

  • Programmed To Be

    programed to live somebody elses life we try to escape
    but all around us is everything that they create
    and the drugs are controling us
    bodies hitting the floor just cuz... more »

  • Regret

    Why don’t the voices stop anymore?
    Why can’t I breathe?
    What do I keep on waiting for?
    Questions with the answers of “leave”... more »

  • Some One Come And...

    Tell me the things you've never said before
    but still I know its all lies
    Just say bye cuz I can't take this damn heart break no more
    and Leave me to my cries... more »

  • Something Words I Just Had To Randomly Put Down....

    I'm fallin to the bottom
    trying not to let you fade away
    sinking so low....
    to a place that you can't save me from... more »

  • Sweetness Turned Black

    oh how this sweetness turns black
    and how my tears just roll down without care
    Lifes pain and thats a fact
    Laughing at something that isnt even there... more »

  • The Key

    These are my tears of protest for that is all I can do
    In these days when pain is leaking right out of you
    dont tell me you love for that is just a lie
    you've silenced me forever and all I can do is cry... more »

  • The Mistakes Of Yesterday

    Everything in the end just fall apart,
    and this is all just braking my heart,
    I never toast to life because it never did anything for me,
    When I'm dead thats the happiest I'm ever gonna be,... more »

  • They Aren'T Hidden In The Rain

    My nightmares seem closer to reality,
    The worlds getting foggier and harder to see.... more »

  • This Is One That Some1 Wrote For Me...

    Let this be the last time you fall away,
    and sink so low you can't breath.
    Just rest your head on my shoulder,
    and finally we'll just leave.... more »

  • This Old Land

    where do I go from here?
    this land wont let go of me I fear,
    and I cant stand the way they look at me
    I have to go; I need to be free... more »

  • To Fast

    Angels; cant you see me?
    Devils; Why can't you let me be?
    I'm back and I start the war,
    In the I just go back to tragedys door,... more »

  • We Are The Future....//3

    we are the adults of the furture
    demanding respect instead of tourture
    we are the kids who will rule one day
    and all you have to say is its okay... more »

  • We Are....We Know....We See

    I was born free
    but then words were said and into chains I fell
    wouldnt you agree?... more »

  • What Did I Do

    A life to die for,
    A life to cry for,
    A life to lie for,
    just like you.... more »

  • When All

    when all we see are broken lives how do we move on?
    when all we know are things that die how do we stay strong?
    when all we feel is pain and hurt how do stay alive for long?
    when all we hear is empty words how do we keep from doing what we know is wrong?... more »

  • White Turned To Red

    She screams; she falls
    she moves; but crawls
    stay low to the ground and they wont find you
    Keep out of sight and remember they loved you... more »

  • Your Gone

    It's getting dark outside and I'm alone,
    I hate this place that I call home,
    I wish I could run far away,
    I hope there's a place you and me can stay.... more »