• After ‘the Ghost And The Darkness’

    After the ‘ghost and the darkness’
    My mind still reflects
    My drum beats faster
    My body guitar plays badly... more »

  • Erebus Heart

    I have had a bellyful of you
    I have swallowed enough,
    In token of my humility
    But you chose to chew and spit on me... more »

  • Fun Evening

    In the garden with Jerry and Berry
    The evening was cool and airy
    Happy picking cherries and strawberries
    And Terry carrying the little Henry... more »

  • Give And Want

    We all want this and that
    That and this, and that
    And more, more and some more... more »

  • I Fly

    Whenever they fly
    All and all fly
    No more anger
    Seeing them fly... more »

  • In My Class

    Ten eyes are fixed on me
    Not all are with me
    Only eight ears are with me
    Lesson flows in and out... more »

  • Let It Rain

    If water as rain
    Can bring one, two or three together
    Then let it rain,
    We stick together... more »

  • Men Of Our Time

    </>These men of our time
    Are they the same with the past?
    Blazing of fire
    Of sinful desire.... more »

  • My Lord Knows It All

    Your mind was half way made
    But the trip was already paid
    You came, we were ignited
    In love again, you were lighted... more »

  • Odirachukwumma

    I thought bruises hurt
    I did hit my knee on the edge of a cement drainage
    Fell on my lips once, playing with Ogee
    And that iron that scarred me... more »

  • Racebulsers

    I chuckle at 'racebulsers'
    sometimes I pause,
    Lost in people
    Wondering why give a damn?... more »

  • Scourging Day

    Thousands of drops masked my style
    Looked Like I wore wet cloth off the line
    I had to go see my lawyer
    Imagine me wearing a hat, on a bike to town... more »

  • Sit

    sit in the seat
    when it is hot, sit
    when it is cold sit
    it is your seat... more »

  • Sorry And Bye Bye

    When I wrong you
    You apologize
    When you hurt
    You are sorry... more »

  • The Beautiful One Is On The Way

    I had a dream
    The brilliant sun smiled at me
    I inhaled the sweet smell
    Free of impurity, that’s splendid... more »

  • The Cock Woos

    King of the street
    Near the Kirk I go

    With red it charms... more »

  • Tie

    ... more »

  • Who Are The Bereaved?

    When you cry more than the bereaved
    the bereaved stare in shock
    they wonder
    they try to recall... more »