• A Victim Of Democracy

    Based on the death of Mahima, who was violated by ruling party student activists because her father and ‎ brother belonged to the opposition. She killed herself on February 19,2002. ‎... more »

  • How Many Savimbis?

    Mr Savimbi fought to oust the new ruling party, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Africa ‎ ‎ (MPLA) , largely because he was not in charge of it. His soldiers followed him, largely out of tribal loyalty. ‎ The United States and the apartheid regime in South Africa supplied him with cash, missiles and ‎ reinforcements, largely because the MPLA was Marxist, and received help from the Soviet Union and ‎ Cuba.‎

    ‎ - Obituary of Jonas Savimbi, “a despoiler of Angola”, The Economist, March 2nd 2002‎... more »

  • Page 6

    JL [Jubo League - political party youth wing] leader's beheaded body recovered‎

    Police recovered one behead[ed] body of local Jubo League leader AN Barua,25, from the ‎ Sanghu River....‎... more »

  • Requiescat In Pace

    SUNAMGANJ, Apr 16: A local leader of Bangladesh Chatra league (BCL) [opposition party ‎ student wing] was gunned down by a youth in Sadar upazila on Tuesday....‎

    ‎ - The Bangladesh Observer, April 17,2003 ‎... more »

  • The Cry

    Police could not yet arrest the alleged rapists as some local ruling party leaders gave them ‎ shelter.‎

    ‎ - The Bangladesh Observer,7th April,2003 ‎... more »

  • The Lynching At Rampura Lake

    And again it had been people on the street who had been forced to take [the] law into ‎ their hands and lynch to death (sic) both Alauddin and his younger brother ‎ Rakib....Alauddin had been an Awami League activist during the Awami League rule, but ‎ jumped the ship to join BNP [Bangladesh Nationalist Party] when they came to power. ‎

    ‎ -‎ Dhaka Courier 23 August 2002‎... more »