I am just like anyone else. Everyone was born the same, but we find ways to be ourselves. Mine has always been writing. Whether it be poetry, books, short stories, essays, sonnets(14 line poems) , or haikus. I write what I feel at the moment. Most of it isn't always around a computer, so I can't always post them. But I promise to keep them updated as much as I can and keep them coming.


Ikari No Mae Poems


The beat of a racing heart.
That is what keeps me going.
As i'm running in the dark.
Keeping the beat blood flowing.... more »

My Life In Ruins

Hark at the wind and hark once again,
I search for comfort, it cuts me.
Deep within me the fires blaze,
The machinery is perfect, but the system is flawed.... more »

Deep Within

Your silence cuts me,
Deeper than words can ever.
My heart burns with desire,
But no direction.... more »

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