• A New World

    The next world waits for you.
    Two friends, sharing power, open a window.

    To a new world that glows with brilliance.... more »

  • Alone

    Why is it so hard to find love?
    Is love even real?
    I look around, and I see so many in love.
    The joy of a companion is like nothing else.... more »

  • Beauty

    Everyone has a fifferent opinion of beauty.
    Some say beauty is skin deep,
    Some say body shape,
    But you can tell more than anything else by their eyes.... more »

  • Choices

    In this life, there are two roads,
    Left and right.
    Good and bad.
    Don't take the beaten path.... more »

  • Court Humor

    ... more »

  • Deep Within

    Your silence cuts me,
    Deeper than words can ever.
    My heart burns with desire,
    But no direction.... more »

  • Existance

    Everything has meaning.
    Existance has meaning.
    Being alive has meaning.
    Do not forsake this gift.... more »

  • Going Nowhere Fast

    Where are we headed?
    In the end don't we all die?
    I've figured this out by now, why can't everyone else.
    Nobody is going to live forever, so why rush through life.... more »

  • Happy Times

    Remember when you were young?
    Nothing mattered to you, you could get hurt and just walk away.
    Everything was good in those days, but they're long gone.
    Now it's sorrow, depression, and teenage angst.... more »

  • Life

    Everything has meaning.
    Life is worth living.
    Existence has meaning.
    Death is a part of life.... more »

  • Life Is Like A Game Of Chess...

    Life is like a game of chess.
    you're either one side or the other. Male or Female.
    You start off strong, and finish with nothing.
    But between the beginning and end are ups and downs.... more »

  • My Family

    When I was just a little baby boy my momma used to tell me these crazy things.
    She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man, she used to tell me he hated me.
    But then I got a little bit older and realized that she was the crazy one.
    And there was nothing I could do to change her cause that's the way she was.... more »

  • My Life In Ruins

    Hark at the wind and hark once again,
    I search for comfort, it cuts me.
    Deep within me the fires blaze,
    The machinery is perfect, but the system is flawed.... more »

  • My Pain

    My pain is now permanent.
    It once was only temporary.
    Now there is no escape from the torment of the reaper.... more »

  • Revenge

    I'm not a killer but don't push me,
    Revenge is the sweetest thing next to love.
    It will envelop you in it's dark embrace.
    Sooner than you think you won't recognize yourself in the mirror.... more »

  • Searching

    Yell at the wind. See if it talks back.

    Searching through this world are lost innocents.
    Trying to find meaning in life.... more »

  • Take It How You Want It....

    ... more »

  • Tempo

    The beat of a racing heart.
    That is what keeps me going.
    As i'm running in the dark.
    Keeping the beat blood flowing.... more »

  • Valley Of Ash

    I have no place to call my home.
    The bed where I soared in dream is ash.
    Those once joyful dreams have left me alone.
    To wade in the filth of my valley of ash.... more »

  • Wise Words

    ... more »