• At Last Uhuru! !

    Long ago, was it diagnosed
    Yet, to prove it took time.
    With a single sentence
    I was sentenced to freedom.... more »

  • Christmas In The City

    It was so dull, it was so drab,
    It lacked colour and it lacked humour,
    It was a shadow of the substance,
    It was unworthy of remembrance... more »

  • Creation Point

    Creation point.
    Here, the bluery into the greenery delves.
    As the sky the mountaintop hugs.
    Upon this canvas, He His creativity inscribes... more »

  • Dead Library

    There they go, bearing him in tears;
    another gift for termites and earthworms,
    another place in history foregone.
    Just humus to the soil for all his toil.... more »

  • Fired For Glory

    Running and reaching for glory
    from behind propelled by this fire.
    It urges on and it pushes higher
    no pauses until done is the story.... more »

  • Golden Feast

    As the sun in frenzy dances
    on his children golden flakes casting
    and in ecstasy, they yell, hail
    as their heads, festively he drums.... more »

  • Jerusalem

    The city of peace.
    Yet, never in one piece.
    The city of kings.... more »

  • My Colours

    My Best colour!
    Yes, Yellow is my best colour.
    The colour of the Rising Sun.
    The colour, it brilliantly radiates life.... more »

  • My Corpse

    What a blessing
    to insects, organisms that consume it.
    With my spirit they shall be endowed,
    truculent rectitude shall be their part.... more »

  • Nigerian Spring

    As I roused, angels I did behold
    at the centre of Y-shaped river nation.
    A great funeral pyre they were making.
    Six, their number and effigies they burned.... more »

  • Peace

    is looking and penetrating into your eyes
    seeing that you also are reading my eyes.
    When expressly my eyes speak and voluptuously... more »

  • Regions Of Hell

    So hot a place, so fiery a city.
    So damned a place, so nightmarish an experience.
    Yet, in this fiery furnace hierarchy prevails
    for the princes have their palaces... more »

  • The Best

    The Best is never available
    since it does not exist really.
    At best, it is an elusive sublimation
    drawing you towards the Best.... more »