• A Pow’s Verse

    Absolute loneliness
    Lost in this dungeon
    Nowhere to go
    No friends... more »

  • Blues No More

    When i close my eyes
    I feel the vibes
    Of your true affection
    When I look in your eyes... more »

  • Del Proto

    The plane pierced the cloud membrane
    separating the sky
    exposing your undulating topography
    which stared me in the face boldly... more »

  • Fate

    Little tree branch
    With high aspiration
    To bear flowers
    Colourful flowers... more »

  • Limbo

    In search for space
    in this place
    called earth
    I found myself... more »

  • Rhythm Of A Nordic Autumn

    Gray clouds
    Moving monster
    like alien ship
    on independence day... more »

  • Sun-Splashed Africa

    From the eastern horizon
    It travels all season
    Piping through the skyline
    Like a piece of golden dime... more »