• A World Without You

    The sky is now dark,
    the trees are now bare.
    The sun is so low, just like the tide,
    and the grass is never green on the other side.... more »

  • Changed

    I loved you once,
    and I thought that meant I would love you forever.

    You used to make me weak in the knees.... more »

  • Don't Stereotype Me

    Don't Stereotype Me!

    Just because I'm a teenager…
    I don't do drugs... more »

  • Hello Again

    It’s not that I don’t love you.
    It’s not as if I don’t care.
    I just didn’t think I’d miss you this much
    or that our friendship would still be there.... more »

  • Never There

    I wished that you'd listen,
    I wanted you to understand.
    I hoped that you would be there
    and I needed you to care.... more »

  • Since You've Been Gone

    As dawn approaches, I start to feel the pain.
    When you were here life seemed alright.
    Now you are gone and nothing will ever be the same.
    You've left your sweet memories, but have taken my light.... more »

  • So Now You Know

    If you tell me to go, I'll go.
    If you tell me to stay, I'll stay.
    Either way, I can be happy.... more »

  • Sorry Might Never Be Enough

    I scared you off and let you down,
    I turned your smile upside down.

    I told you my story when you had your hands full.... more »

  • Upside Down

    He talks, she's silent.
    He smiles, and she frowns.

    But she starts to cry as he walks away,... more »

  • What Now?

    I've talked to you for hours on end,
    I've told you what I most love in life.
    You know my secrets and how the truth can bend,
    you've felt my pain and how hard reality can bite.... more »