• A Trucker's Muse

    the miles run beneath
    the tired truckers eyes
    with a soft calm breeze
    and cool clear nights... more »

  • Graduation Day

    White highlighted by purple and gold
    upon our arrival, we nervously walked through the threshold
    her arm safely secured
    the couple that would never be... more »

  • Hail To Embers

    For once I had nothing to say
    no words of wisdom
    nothing clever to convey
    silence won a round... more »

  • Just Six

    ... more »

  • Just To Stand Still

    Walk upon the worn roads of our fathers with open toed shoes
    read what the gospels wrote with a flick of their hand
    in a solemn state of inspirational whispers from the one who fights for us upon our shoulder
    under His breath find comfort and cause.... more »

  • One Of My Best Friends

    scented with fumes
    with a silent winter breeze
    its not what you think
    its all for you,... more »

  • Pneumonia Bringing Apiphinies

    The night is tired
    plans have fallen through
    due to my head games
    and what my heart is telling me to do... more »

  • The Pride Of Ghosts And Angels

    The blackest night
    in the most subtle room
    epitaphs read over candle light
    scents that act as fumes... more »

  • We Cannot Stay

    The clouds ambushed the sun
    this night was going to bleed goodbyes
    We were the summer's sons
    it was her last request before she died... more »

  • Winter's Autumn

    Her eyes bear down
    obtrusive and intrusive
    rain overwhelms the ground
    as Christmas sets fire to the street... more »