• Hope

    What is hope, may I ask you?
    Is it something, that we all do?
    Or is it something, more like air?... more »

  • It Should Have Been Me


    I hear the pretty women say,
    I need a man who I can trust,... more »

  • Ode To Jennifer

    As I watch your video
    many times a day
    I can only wish
    that I could wipe your tears away... more »

  • Rain


    I watch the rain as it falls gently down.... more »

  • The Facts Of Life

    When I was not more than a wee young lad
    life was good and I was seldom sad
    Thoughts turned to the girl next door
    baseball games and so little more... more »

  • Vote For This Poem

    Vote for this poem, and you will please me.
    vote for this poem, and more you may see.
    I'm handicapped, from my head to my toes,
    not physically, but emotionally you know.... more »

  • Walk This Road

    Down the road of life we walk
    but where is it we go
    we end up there anyway
    bearing all the bruises we show... more »

  • You Can'T Hurt Me

    You can't hurt me

    My skin is thick, like old rough leather.
    My heart is as cold, as the middle of winter.... more »