• A Poets Pain

    The poets pain is all the same
    Minds racing with various thoughts
    Hands itching to write
    His imaginations... more »

  • Hearing You

    Each time we talk
    My heart doth craves
    For more of it
    To grace my whole... more »

  • Mine To Choose

    Up and down
    Yes it flows
    Life and breathe
    Lie'in my hands... more »

  • To A Great Man

    Liv'in in a world as this
    Where the future looks with bleak
    Yet with Passion you refuse
    T'be caught in the clutch of it's fist... more »

  • To The Love Of My Life

    Only do I wish I already known you
    Only I could tell you how much you mean to me... more »

  • What You Are

    When the eye is beginning to see what only its ears have ever heard of
    Or what its mind has only ever conceived
    Or what its precious heart has always longed after
    Then the words “am beginning to see clearly….”... more »

  • Who Says...?

    Who says the child won't grow
    Who says he'll never become a man
    Who says he'll forever remain a toddler
    Not knowing his left from his right... more »

  • You Live On

    We weren’t too much of pals, nor were we as close as been called Acquaintance.
    Our parts had only crossed but a few times.
    Had only know him as member of Parables; the drama unit of the Rhema Chapel Campus Fellowship, UniIlorin.... more »