• Fate

    When life began, was our fate already written?
    When i was young, why was i never bothered?
    So thoughtless to even worry about what my fate is
    I was blithe about anything that was around me... more »

  • God! I Am Broken

    I never knew i could be this broken, helplessly broken
    I never knew there could be this much silence in me
    Oh! God its painful to go on this way
    I never knew i could be this broken hearted for loving someone so badly... more »

  • I Am Always Here For You

    Its been a while i have fallen for you
    Its been a while, you think you have the right man with you
    I was already in love with you when you chose him
    I was standing there beside you when you hold his hand... more »

  • I Have A Dream

    Even though you are not going to be with me i already had a dream about you and me together
    A dream where i take care of you and we both are happy.
    You love him so much, but do you know i die loving you each day.
    Do you know that my every heartbeats thinks about you.... more »

  • I Have Been Trying

    ... more »

  • It Rained Today

    It rained here today, wish you were here, nothing remains the same anymore.
    It reminds me of us together, when in your smile i could see the joy in you.
    Its hard to survive without you but i have always remembered what you have said
    'its better to take the pain smiling than crying'.... more »

  • Just A Broken Hearted Man

    I am not able to move on my love
    Because how hard i try, i still know i am madly in love with you
    I know i should not be missing you, but i end up missing you more that i think i should.
    Never knew i would wake up thinking about you alone.... more »

  • Solitary Silence

    How wonder, i have become so hollow, so empty
    I don't know why i miss every single bit of you
    I am so tired of being so alone, this solitary moments makes me difficult to breath.
    I don't want to desire you, my flesh is tired trying to make myself understand.... more »

  • Why Am I So Broken

    Why isnt is getting over.

    Why cant i move on
    Why do i have to be broken single everyday... more »

  • Wish You Listen To The Song I Sing

    There ain't a day i won't sing for you
    There ain't a day my heart don't don't get sentimental for you
    There ain't a moment i don't expect you
    Its suffocating but you are the source of my breath.... more »