• A Day Dreamer God

    Let their be light.
    How much light reach here?
    Don't ask it.
    God is busy now, with his dream.... more »

  • Below Poverty Line

    Below poverty line,
    a boy leads his life.
    Poverty makes his dream colourless.
    He don't know what is the colours of happiness.... more »

  • Birth Of A Poem

    Last night, i saw a poem lay down beside the dustbin.
    Lay down beside a dog, wast product, beside the used napkine.
    The poem don't know his identity.
    Who is his creator?... more »

  • Endless Love

    When i reach at the landmark.
    I see on my back.
    Everybody take love from me.
    I want to walk on this road again.... more »

  • Ernesto Che

    Few bullet stopped your voice.
    The line of poem was born from this silentness.
    Make a poem,
    Immortal with revolution.... more »

  • Hitlar...

    Some man are like the sun.
    They want to start a new day by removing darkness.
    History of change,
    The world history.... more »

  • I Get My Freedom

    I get my freedom, i get my country.
    For this freedom we gave a river of blood.
    For this country we gave 30 lakhs life.
    But we get a hope,... more »

  • Life In Newspaper

    Some life stop their life on newspaper.
    some life loss their life on newspaper.
    loss their life like a photograph.
    Loss their life in a column of newspaper.... more »

  • No One In My Heart

    I believe that,
    love is blinde.
    so their is no one,
    in my heart.... more »

  • Prehistoric Life

    I forget my prehistoric life.
    I forget that my life depend on a knife.
    I forget our god and goddeses.
    I forget my love.... more »