• 140 Fragments

    I could say anything, and you wouldn’t know.
    There is no one else.
    Stand me on a chair, and call me Hope.... more »

  • A Serial Negligence Of The Sun

    Effulgence trundles in sour loam,
    blotted out on the border of a black lake.

    My country is a clock, and all I have is on this dock:... more »

  • After Morning Mass (Irksome Pantoum 2)

    Be a dear, would you,
    and pass an old lady her gin.

    I'm tired of men, of old age and sin…... more »

  • Another Piece

    Forgive me. There were shouts across the screen
    but I put my hand through the screen, so keen
    was I to keep my secret: I would die
    unless I was hooked up to a machine... more »

  • Answers

    are promised for the price
    of a gumball on the street.

    I might Ask an Atheist... more »

  • Anticipating Sunrise

    ... more »

  • As Far As I Can Tell:

    ... more »

  • Benediction

    'Let the love of harlots be sanctified.' ~unknown woman

    When you come to me, realize I behest
    no edifice. Love me in a gutter... more »

  • Body Of Thought

    Look at how I squander you on the periphery of ideal—
    advocating philosophies I’ve forgotten how to feel.

    Once a sage said to me, “We sing about what we need most—... more »

  • Bystander

    “Oh my God.” A murmur of disbelief
    pierces the ruckus in the room
    quirky lips draw downward, a grim
    ghoul maligning a jubilant face... more »

  • Cairn

    As diluted orange mingles with a deepening indigo,
    the colors pool not in my heart but in my feet.
    I tread the bear path and transverse dusk,
    skirting husks of maize in a world at rest awakening.... more »

  • Cavity

    Morning brought a bird with the body of a man. A bird with one
    big vacant eye and a beak, smooth, body a sickle, unsatisfied
    motion muted by muscle atrophy as her angular, absurd voice
    murmured bone echoing upon the innards of a dark steel vault.... more »

  • Chinese New Year

    gossamer and fluttering, his hand
    grazes his throat as he gushes about language,
    and I remember he is not a child, no matter
    how animatedly he speaks. truly fascinated now,... more »

  • Contact

    Shrink, kindness. The energy changes.
    I'm sweating. I never sweat. Meek lovers
    avert eyes, turn heads into shoulders.... more »

  • Damages

    Puckered oxford shirt, played up
    pipe, hands in pockets casual
    shrug, stand apart from
    green tinted ecru, dingy blue... more »

  • Delux Crux Dilemma (Incomplete)


    uncoiling ylang-ylang boomerang—
    newly annointed hands and feet smell sweet;... more »

  • Double Helix

    crushed diatoms, sea salt, juniper, driftwood,
    sunburn, windburn, rap and indie rock, clean snow,
    may beetle, cinnamon, cloves, gingerbread, campfire crackles,... more »

  • Estranged

    sonorous droplets spatter no no no no no
    oh so smoothly on my temples like
    a well-oiled trombone slide, sinuous and
    unspoken. a profuse tomato split... more »

  • Faith, That Force

    Himalayan blessings settle, wind-wrung,
    in this pocket of Appalachia—sung
    to blurry blue mountains, empowering
    our worn gods, whom we've sat devouring.... more »

  • Family Bonds

    Mung beans and millet boiled in a skillet
    'cause I don't own a pot. You might get shot,
    out alone, my mother warned. She forgot
    time zones permit less darkness between us.... more »

  • Forgiveness

    At breakfast we do not demure sorries or try to collate
    greivances (those hoary dictates that left us wanting
    last night so many nights we nosed through empty
    garbage as vile possums in pink satin slippers we played... more »

  • From A Dream (Irksome Pantoum 1)

    With a whiff of plums, I wake
    covered by George Washington's fatigues;
    submerged in cherry blossoms,
    unwanted sex.... more »

  • Girl With An Eggplant Tattoo

    has hair like diseased corn.
    Yesterday she supposed: “Goodness, like fruit,
    should not be so expensive, since our labor is so cheap. ”... more »

  • Half Of Whole

    “I used to have a brother, did you know? ”
    “Is that so? ”

    “Yes, my first... more »

  • Heap Of Random Images

    -There is no Why.-
    wet walnuts, mellow daffodils
    a vat of cider simmering psalms ... more »