• And I Wonder… “love? ”

    A tiny bird: my heart, my soul
    Peaceful in it’s cage of flesh and ivory
    Surrounded by many birds…
    They too, dwelling in ivory, flesh... more »

  • Childhood's Sweet Song

    Childhood forever gone
    Just pleasant wisps remain
    Close your eyes and remember
    The bliss of young ignorance... more »

  • Crayon Rainbows

    The horizon is broken.
    The sun has fallen from its seam.
    The trees have risen black.
    The clouds are enveloped in a violet flame.... more »

  • Dreams Called Shadow

    The world is fuzzy at the edges
    Every sound is muffled
    A film is what I’m viewing
    But this film is what I‘m in... more »

  • Ember

    Dancing in the street light
    With the rain on my face
    Bloody, raw feet
    Pound on the ground... more »

  • Her Name Is Sunrise

    I am Goddess of the skies
    I walk upon the horizon
    And trail my skirts of rose and gold
    I dance across the black treetops... more »

  • My Shadow

    I walk upon a path of darkness, clueless as to where it leads.
    Rising above me, their branches entwined, ancient trees obscure all sunlight.
    My feet sink into the soft ground.
    The air is tinted with the scent of soil and fungus.... more »

  • Sin Of Humanity

    Born from glory,
    Born from fame.
    Control…... more »

  • Skin Like Sand

    Look into
    The face of fear
    Dream upon it’s pillow
    Lie awake... more »

  • Soap

    He sits there all alone,
    Waiting for companionship.
    Day after day he sits,
    Longing to be held.... more »

  • Tangible Star

    Your new life starts as a tiny bud, pushing up from the rich black soil.
    Blades of bright green grass tickle your stalk as you stretch towards the sky.
    The sun beats down, then rain nourishes you.
    At last you open, showing your bright yellow petals.... more »

  • The Joy Of Spring

    Silky cloth upon the ground
    On which I lay in ecstasy
    A field of flowers all around
    Welcoming spring with jubilee... more »

  • The Rain Has Come

    A cold breeze whispers through the trees.
    It brings memories of rain drenching the ground… refreshing rain.
    Gray clouds billow on the horizon.
    Flowers quiver in excitement.... more »

  • There Is No Me

    There is no me
    There are only characters
    They start out in a mind unknown
    With blood of ink... more »

  • Two Worlds In Which I Dwell

    There are two worlds in which I dwell, all alone in this paradise.
    The world in which my body rests is bursting with exhilaration.
    Everything around me is rejoicing in the arrival of spring
    The flowers dance as their petals unfurl and a breeze sings its faint song.... more »