• A Reflection..

    There comes a time when the fear of failure
    Gives way to doubt and false contentment;
    And we yield to what we feel is impossible,
    What we think is the fruit of mere sentiment.... more »

  • Atlantis

    In my first year of formal education
    I found myself alone in the vast world; unknown,
    And unnerved as I was I was not prepared
    Not to let my little heart sink in the torrid ocean.... more »

  • Fates Warning

    Amidst twin jets of smoke,
    with a heart full of sorrow,
    Along the alluvium trails,
    Rode the reluctant hero.... more »

  • The Airport

    It was the longest furnished path
    I had ever been on; Twenty feet
    Street lamps adorned the way..
    My cabbie drove in quiet contemplation,... more »

  • The Student Of Comedy

    The lights were dim and smoke filled the café;
    The barkeep tended to the patrons with a smile
    Decked in swagger, the jazz band sang before the Party;
    All this while Marvin entered the stage from behind the wings,... more »