• A Fool

    I was made a fool of today
    I was a fool
    I fooled around
    And they took me for a fool... more »

  • A Mother's Thoughts On A Break Up

    If he had not lied
    If he had only blamed himself
    If he had not said
    The things he said... more »

  • Boyman

    He is gentle and kind
    And thoughtful
    And loving and quick
    And clever... more »

  • Broken Heart

    Today my daughter's heart broke
    And I wish I could say it was just some bloke
    But the truth is
    Our hearts were his.... more »

  • Despair

    I stand in the shower
    And feel such utter despair
    That I want to sink to the tiles
    And never get up... more »

  • Everything Will Be Ok

    I’m not dead
    There is
    Poetry... more »

  • First Love

    Young faces shining
    Intent on each other
    Whispering... more »

  • Forbidden Thoughts

    What happens
    When thoughts
    So forbidden rise in your head
    You pray... more »

  • Losing Control

    My anger works
    Up through my chest and throat and head
    And spreads through my chest and throat and head
    And grasps my chest and my throat and head... more »

  • Mediocrity

    I will live my life in mediocrity
    Or maybe not
    Perhaps I will
    Give those dreams... more »

  • My Friend

    She brought me soup
    My friend who cared
    She held and stroked my hand
    She stayed with me... more »

  • Never

    I don’t want to get up out of bed
    I don’t, I don’t, I don’t

    I can’t get up out of bed... more »

  • Regret

    Inside of me is a hard
    Metal ball
    Pitted and perfectly round
    Fitted tightly... more »

  • Sunday Night

    You questioned
    You argued
    You blamed
    You insulted... more »

  • Take Me

    Take my run with the dogs
    for instance
    Take my walk in the garden
    Take my lazy Saturday lie in... more »

  • Want

    I’m tired of wanting
    and getting
    and realising
    it’s nothing... more »