• A Computer Lesson

    Tuk, tuk, tukes, tik, tik the keyboard is sounded from the computer
    The light of the computer has spread all the corner of the room
    Tin, tin, trooon,with short music sound and opened a computer in windows 07 with four color flower
    Typing that was password in the box thus computer has opened... more »

  • Adam's Peak

    Sun shadow was dropping
    Many years ago it gifted
    Misty spread over the peak as a heaven land floating among the clouds
    Thus, Lord Buddha, s Christ, and Adams were printed foot there... more »

  • Adore (Alphebetical Poem)

    Adore was created by noble one
    But also, not for one it everybody
    Charismatic among the nation
    Definition of his adore, that was difficult... more »

  • Adrift Woman

    Existing mountain filled with tea plantation
    Pluck tea bud by women workers
    She was thin and she's skin turned to black from sun rays
    Nevertheless, she dedicated service daily... more »

  • After Christmas

    Great day remarkable memories never ever deleted
    The comet has been replaced
    The popularity of the Christmas date couldn't be seen today
    there garden flowers moved as a lazy girl... more »

  • After Raining

    Session of rain, it is the time full fill the lake. River as well as pounds
    Over, over rain, therefore, sun chariot has spread
    However, plants grow with the new bud
    Flood was destroying some dwells reconstructing with the sun... more »

  • Always Forgiving For Sinners

    Bastard has caught up thy hand
    However, he had not any evidence introducing that who was thee
    Thee ran like a flash between several people
    The bastard was shouted, a thief... more »

  • Among Beautiful Enviorment

    Suffered everything same coming with soul it's a heights of truth
    Among beautiful environment of doctrine foot stepping the dark path
    Listening dropping water and an d growing bud its make life of faith
    Looking pouring tears mourn with pain or pleasure couldn't show really truth... more »

  • Ancestor Constructed Strange World

    EVERY THING FOR MAKED FOR YOU R ancestor telling proud of and exits seen is believing
    All of thing will came to till satisfy for life alive with pleasure day tomorrow coming... more »

  • At The Past Time

    Wind is blowing across the lush paddy field
    Village, temple, and lakes they were the main symbols of the prosperity
    Kingdoms had been established consequently, among all regions
    Thou is reading legends they made thou proud as well as brevity... more »

  • Attaractive Bay And Firing Range

    Greenforest on the hill, which is silent with the morning sun
    Gesture that was showed up like pleasure calm that made up gestation
    Gathering that deer groupthey were playing squirreling with simian
    Gifting this nature to either fauna or human... more »

  • Battle

    The soldier cried after the battle
    He stands in front of their military cemetery
    Thinking that was faded youth
    Thinking that was left his loved one... more »

  • Beach At Sri Lanka

    Once upon day with sun dawn foot step along on the white sand wave is come and tough foot
    The shipping boat teaming one row till calm dawn sea wave s noon or at the night
    Children playing more and more games with noise smile make themselves court
    Dew mix wind blowing every time feels so much taste of lips like salt... more »

  • Beach Of Nilawelli In Sri Lanka

    Sunday morning was pretty calm, as a result, of walking on the beachof Nilawelli
    Sun was a red ball which rises as a large air balloon
    Wavewith white foam as a spread like a white cloud on the seashore
    Seashore was mattress, playground, a road for the travelers... more »

  • Beautiful Island Of Sri Lanka

    The destination was covered by seawater
    There has mountain, plain, seashore, wood, rainforest and waterfall
    According to, it named as a paradise in the world
    It has a long history more than a thousand years... more »

  • Beauty Female Body

    She was beautiful with a female body, therefore, how thee controlled earned feel
    How thee console she's feeling with the threatening of legal
    Although, how thee carrying was connectedwith her... more »

  • Beaytiful Butterfly

    Between mountain misty spreading everywhere sun rays coming among tree leaves
    Variety of flowers blooming beneath large trees with sun rays dew sparkle like diamonds
    Ones of rivers flowing among misty and dark woods flew small bird's team flare with hue wings
    Inviting bloom blossoms for flying hue wings sucking me give to message for blowing winds... more »

  • Begining Of The World

    Beginning world with people starting doing sin the phrase prove by him blood
    Although no one facing take him for doing hospitalization try to going road of blind
    The names of noble one protecting status truth ounce upon time try to fight till end
    Although it's may be brutal experience in the formality of blind... more »

  • Brave Soldiers

    The forest is covered by green trees large wood bodies exist like large mountain. At morning sun beaming between tree leaf for to green grass and which of sparkle like little star by dew. many and variety birds are singing sweet poem and fly away with pleasure for finding food.he is get down from his horse and do lying beneath tree for leisure.who had long hair with small eyes like falcon wide shoulder seen noble look for him past few minute ago shot. While ago had left cavalry many horse men were fatal
    Injured by enemy atrocious and cruel war are lame all of them brevity is showing his all over face whilst on sleep became dream at his child hood with father and who done work he always fond status about noble truth at war. Actually father was one of hero for our mother land defeat enemy and winning from enemies. leisure world sun is go up beaming heavily Jim was wake up suddenly from difference sound like foot step who had jumped to saddle and run away but many horse men's follow up for kill him. Jim who didn't stopped at moment ride horse ahead very past who couldn't increase more speed further between large mountain and dangerous wood who had ride horse with hope see luster eyes how cruel activity in war he is singing old poem " much hurt travelled in the realize of gold which birds in fealty to appalls hold"
    his eyes was luster by his affection feel get down from horse and do action about meet with her how offered bunch of flower how embrace his loving girl who had very panic about will feel hoping seen
    End of day sun is going down like red ball at west sky birds are fly far away.... more »

  • Bumblebees Will Be Singing

    When the time of walking the street I covered it for not wet
    Atmosphere air has purified by it
    The squirrel has made cage in it
    A tree was added attraction to the world... more »

  • Can Not Be Changeddate Of Dead

    We met at thechildhood
    the memories those are special never ever forgotten
    We celebrated often time together many days
    Ranging candle is for our memories... more »

  • Bravity At Child Hood

    The island via blowing dry wind the calm sea wave come to the sea coast and which is embrace.the sun chariot dropping all over small dwell roof. the large bell ring by one man he s face has showing large scar since past history.while ringing his bell listen some small children teeming and queue for breakfast.they mood not showing good condition.but they are very busy with sun dawn. The rough man watching them with stick hand.anybody not to like see him his face not recognize smile. Hay Paul I remember every time my parents and brother s he told with sorrow to smith as like same but we couldn't going leave from her e we are like prisoners here. Which place you were catch for this, after school front of junction. I went to the shop buying for pencil box that's time one person came to shop and given large box then he called to get in to car for make lift to my home when after two mile he gave some food began drowsiness and feel sleep upon the car seat when I was wake after 10 or 11 hours I had seen in this room with this friend. So now we leave parent and brother and sisters. This people never thinking about me and you they always try to increase them work profit. Hurry takes your food take your food the large shoulder with man shouting roughly. They all together taken them breakfast speedy. Somebody came and asks more food but owner never issue for them.

    After breakfast they gathered to coast and select one and team for training further thieving programmed. The thief team leader they select one, one by team for swimming running and fighting programmed them doing everything hardly but they never see themselves future. Hay Paul see that one friend floating he is shouting help, help but nobody came to him the end of training period counting the leader of one children is loss anybody see him name mark at the swim practice raise them hand mark was drowning at sea just few minute ago oh the owners went to the boat and in to the sea for find him after one hour they bought mark body to the beach.they feared with sorrow looked him innocent body the ludwick call to other for lunch hurry up get ready for you lunch go fast they ran to the hall the mark innocent body lonely at the coast.
    At the lunch time again meet smith and Paul they discussing last hour unfortunate mission for them.hay Paul they didn't treatment to mark what's the reason oh its general reaction this place may be they offered to him war ship at the wood.don't tell anybody I be id two month the duration while eight or ten friends are missing smith said.the ludwick was shouting again hurry up you have more ten minute rest you ready for next station and start next part of today.the sun was hide black cloud it's anybody unknown where do come from to the sky.ludwick also face turn to pale color he looked the several time that mark lying area.although the body was not showing that place more.hay Paul what's happen him only 15 minute his body not showing who bought it don't shout whispered him every death after the scene is same.the afternoon all of them training full of encourage situation. All together declare sympathies of dead that noon. Some time young man's come to the place and walking everywhere and discussing with children with smile face. They every time by hand with pistol and gun they never think humanity or other selves' lives. Hay boy improve you ingenious mind could be capture everything for your life may be some time warning to children.when the spreading darkness they should be get in to the cell for fading themselves night after taken themselves short dinner .... more »

  • Capture Every World

    The life is flowing between many of bother couldn't get meaning
    All are get together feel I m in Longley among thousand people of living
    crying heart without console puzzle for further life people among
    The life is dream never can get mean deposit only dark blot thinking... more »

  • Cascades

    Greenish wood decorated by serene chute flowed
    Flowing was water with sounded "choora" "choora" in-between forest and rocks
    Solitude environment became busy by flowing water
    From whence chute flows to a there wild area... more »

  • Chaffinch And Evening

    Good evening thus mild darkness embraced the nature
    Starting shouting was cricket but it faced not seen
    The chute sounded by divulging of water
    Mild wind was toughed thee body as a massage from cotton... more »