• ~ The Later Rain ~

    Hoist the mast
    Time is past
    Racing fast
    Shadows are cast... more »

  • ~born On The 17th Of January~

    A cry of another LIFE
    The joy of another CHILD
    The dream of another LAD
    The ambition of another YOUTH... more »

  • ~broken (Soliloquy) ~

    What are you thinking?
    Now you are sinking!
    Now you are drunken
    Now your are sunken... more »

  • Bleeding Heart

    I don't bend,
    It's NOT the end
    I just break in two
    Yes! I did it for you... more »

  • Hope

    Thou pain
    I will cry u in this rain
    On my face, the tears won't stain
    Nothing from my languish will you gain... more »

  • Man Unkind

    Man unkind
    Killing his kind
    Stabbing from behind
    What u seek u shall find... more »

  • My Shoes

    Wear my shoes for awhile
    Can u walk in it for a mile?... more »

  • Nigeria

    Lying across the Niger
    Your breast, divided by Rivers
    United though cultures diverse... more »

  • Sparrow Of The Finch

    Sparrow of the finch
    Take d letter of my heart in song abroad
    Fly thro thorns and roses, narrow and broad... more »

  • The Land Of Beauty

    We come from a common land
    Spread with beauty and prodigy
    We stand up tall and Strong
    Waking to the rising of the Sun above... more »

  • The Life

    Exquisite laxity
    Forbid my departure
    Protest my valediction
    Don't let me journey off... more »

  • Vietnam War (Diary Of A Soldier)

    He went into God's presence with his gun and bowed
    In fervent session of prayers with all his heart he vowed
    Never to die with't his gun; with his remains and in a grave they'll be stowed... more »