• A Gas Butterfly

    Tell me what's happening to me?
    Why is my heart beating so fervently?
    why has this madness, like a wave,
    Broken through the rock of habit?... more »

  • After The Concert

    The blackened skies have reached the garden walk;
    Yet my poor heart tonight cannot be not the restless…... more »

  • Amethysts

    My eyes forgot the heavens’ blue,
    To them the sun’s dust is not gold,
    But I live just one substance through,... more »

  • Among The Worlds

    Among worlds shone, amid glimmers,
    A single star whose name I repeat....
    Not so that I may come to love it... more »

  • Among Worlds

    Among the worlds, the sparkling spheres,
    The name of One Star only I repeat...
    It's not because I love Her dearly
    But just because I pine with others.... more »

  • Bow And Strings

    ... more »

  • Children

    Has time come? I’m fully ready.
    If we’ve sinned – there’s no a chance…
    We – to prisons, they – to gladness…
    Give to children – sun and grass!... more »

  • Ego

    A week son of the dying generation,
    I would not seek the roses of Alps,
    I will not gain the beautiful sensation,... more »

  • Harmony

    In midst of waves, there are the silver beads
    And scraped by time paints of the white enamel …
    I so like the morns which autumn breeds,... more »

  • I Thought That The Heart...

    I thought that the heart made of stone,
    That it’s fully empty and dead:
    Though fire in it had been thrown,
    It’s not damaged or just upset.... more »

  • My Life's Burden...

    My life’s burden’s for me light and shone,
    I won’t you to be baffled or wound;
    And not God, who had thought on a stone –... more »

  • Notturno

    Select a dark night and in a field, unpeopled, naked,
    dip into gray twilight.... May the air, having fanned, becalm,
    May the stars, winking, in the cold sky slumber on....
    Tell the heart not to count its thumps....... more »

  • Poetry (Sonnet)

    The life’s chance and creative spirit
    United painfully in you,
    And midst the beauty’s hitting views... more »

  • Poppies

    The gay day is ablaze… And in the languid grass
    The poppies’ patches burn like impotent desire…
    Like lips that can allure or deathly poison us,... more »

  • Sad Country

    Sad and made of copper
    The symbol we are wed,
    Even our comedies
    End a little sadly….... more »

  • September

    The gardens full of gold and decay,
    With lure of purple of the swelling ailments,
    And tardy heat of sun in curves of sunbeam’s remnants,... more »

  • The Anguish Of A Mirage

    They faded, the last bands of reddish,
    Like whispers of prayers in night,
    O tale, such seductive and maddish,... more »

  • The Autumnal Romance

    I watch you as coldly as never,
    But can’t keep this pine in my breast,
    Today sun’s in smoke of havens,... more »

  • The Bow And The Strings

    How dark and heavy’s the delirium’s embrace!
    How they’re turbid under moon – the heights!
    To have touched Violin for so many years
    And not distinguish those Strings in light!... more »

  • The Candles Are Brought In

    Don’t you have the strange vision sometimes
    (When a dark penetrates in a house)
    Of another existence for us,... more »

  • The Old Barrel Organ

    We almost lost our minds through that mad sky:
    It blinds us with its fire or its snow,
    And, baring teeth, like any beast of wild,... more »

  • The Pine Of Reminiscence

    I see always the page that is filled on
    By the muddy-black blotches of ink.
    I am able from men to be hidden,... more »

  • The Spring Romance

    The river else doesn’t wholly reign,
    But pale-blue ice is drowned now;
    And clouds are not blue again,
    But sun had drunk the snow out.... more »

  • To The Poet

    In different clearness of rays,
    In addling amalgam of visions
    We always live in world’s things’ reign
    With its triad of space division.... more »

  • Two Loves

    S. B. f-Shtein
    There is such love that’s similar to smoke:
    If it is bound – it’s intoxicating,
    Receiving freedom – vanished, not awaiting…... more »