• 24 Hours

    24 hours in a day,
    Where do they go?
    Where do they slip?... more »

  • A Day’s Value

    How was your day today
    My darling?
    My day was great,
    Then I woke up.... more »

  • A Deck Of Cards

    A deck of cards in gypsy’s hand
    Made someone’s hair stand on end.
    “Big fortune you will lose today”
    The gypsy said.... more »

  • A Swell Soiree

    Swell was the soiree
    I did not attend,
    Due to the fact
    That I was stuck here,... more »

  • Aladdin's Lamp

    Aladdin's lamp smashed into a gazillionpieces,
    The genie ran away,
    The golden fish won't grant free wishes,
    She's begging for some pay,... more »

  • America The Ugly

    They call it the American Dream,
    Filled with top notch jobs and lots of green,
    Not realizing until it’s too late to wake up,
    That their dream is nothing,... more »

  • An Important Politician

    “I’m an important politician,
    My wish is your command,
    You’ll listen to me and worship me,
    And accomplish all I’ve planned, ”... more »

  • An Orchestra Of Mobile Phones

    Would you like to hear an anecdote
    Of a hundred ringtones?
    Once upon a time, on a bus,
    I heard the ringing of my phone,... more »

  • Awareness Campaigns

    A day of fasting
    Will not end world hunger,
    Take back the night
    Will not undo the crime of rape,... more »

  • Business Meeting

    A bunch of pointless conversations,
    So many hours gone to waste,
    I would express my agitation,
    But, being rude, ain’t to my taste.... more »

  • Curiosity

    Curiosity killed the cat,
    Opened up the Pandora’s Box,
    And expanded my imagination.... more »

  • Espionage

    Today I’ve chosen my career
    I’d like to be a spy.
    Each time when danger’s coming near
    I’ll keep an open eye.... more »

  • Experiment Called Earth

    Experiment called Earth,
    Who created you?
    Perhaps a mad scientist
    With instruments of torture and pain,... more »

  • Halloween

    Microscopic miniskirts,
    Corsets with cleavage the size of Alps,
    Hooker-style makeup, and fishnet stockings,
    Fluffy handcuffs, bunny ears and witch hats,... more »

  • Invite Me To Your Deportation

    Invite me to your deportation,
    I’ll be a quiet & pleasant guest,
    I shall be coming from the station
    To watch your glorious arrest.... more »

  • Jambalaya

    I’m not cooking a jambalaya
    Out of meat and bones,
    I am composing a jambalaya
    From expressive, explosive words!... more »

  • Job Hunt

    Job Hunt, Internet café,
    Surfing the World Wide Web.
    Darn it, wish I was surfing the ocean waves instead!
    Wish I was polishing my nails... more »

  • Land Of Banks And Watches

    Welcome to Switzerland - the land of banks and watches,
    Of mountains and yodeling,
    Of time and money,
    Of milk and chocolate,... more »

  • Masterpiece

    I will write a masterpiece!
    - A writer said one day
    This masterpiece will be
    A romance novel... more »

  • Mr. Nothing

    Have you heard
    The story of Mr. Nothing?
    No one ever thought
    He would amount to anything,... more »

  • Numbers

    It's all about the numbers yo,
    How much you've got in plastic.
    5 zeros,6zeros after the 1 or more
    And life's freaken' fantastic.... more »

  • Ode To Modern Love

    Where's love today?
    Who'd care to tell me?
    Or has it all evolved
    Into Emojis, dick picks, blow jobs and one night stands?... more »

  • Of Poets And Poems

    The world is full of
    Different species of poets,
    Of various genres, styles, and opinions.... more »

  • Prosthesis

    Prosthesis can be installed
    In place of arms and legs;
    There are glasses and lenses
    For the eyes;... more »

  • Sharpening My Pencil

    I’m sharpening my pencil,
    Or maybe, I’m sharpening my tongue,
    While the hooligans are sharpening
    Their knives and their swords,... more »