• * An Unfortunate Vampire

    Johnny was a vampire,
    One of the ancient breed.
    Some said, ‘They are born of woman,
    But spawned by Satan’s seed.’... more »

  • * Geordie Folk

    I was born on the banks of the old river Tyne,
    Where it wends its way east to the sea.
    Past the pit heaps and coal tugs; the clang of the shipyards
    Created fond memories for me.... more »

  • * Germaine Greer & The Feminists

    Yes, I was around in the 60’s,
    When those strange females had their say;
    Like that weird creature, Germaine Greer.
    Me, be like her, there’s no way.... more »

  • * Tears Of Rain

    His love was a raindrop
    In the lonely desert sand.
    The place that once was me,
    Setting me free,... more »

  • ** Rational

    “Forsooth maid, ” spake he,
    “Hear now my true words.”
    This varlet of a bygone age,
    This sage, with heathen tongue.... more »

  • ** Warning - Haiku

    ... more »

  • ++ Crossroads


    Like a murder of crows, the old crones sat in silence,
    Hunched, shrouded figures, for the hour was nigh... more »

  • ++ Holly Bush

    The Holly Bush

    It was in the depth of winter
    When snow lay crisp upon the ground... more »

  • ++ Life Is Fun

    Life Is Fun

    The young scream and shout... more »

  • A Degenerate Mouse Called Arthur

    I have a little mouse called Arthur
    Who gnaws away inside my bones
    He is armed with sharp incisors
    And metal claws on all his toes.... more »

  • A Mother's Gift

    A woman gave part of her soul
    That the being she created could be whole
    Then having physical and spiritual form
    As the sun arose a child was born.... more »

  • A Working Bunny

    I don’t want to be an Easter bunny
    I think Easter is all rot
    ‘Cos those humans try to catch me
    And put me in a pot.... more »

  • Adam


    Out in the cold... more »

  • Africa Awakes

    Africa Awakes.

    Early morning: a mist enshrouded scene.... more »

  • An Elephant Called Esmerelda

    This is in answer to Dee's challenge

    I live near a small village
    In a large cave beside a stream... more »

  • At The World's Edge

    Far away, at the edge
    of the world
    The dragons met
    And then they wept... more »

  • Ben's Brown Bear

    Ben’s Brown Bear

    Aunt Amelia Alderson... more »

  • Blaze Of Glory

    I will go out in a blaze of glory.
    One day I will die, as now I live.
    I do not know all the answers
    But this promise I can give.... more »

  • Bon Apetite

    Bon Appetite

    The world is my oyster, how shall I consume it,... more »

  • Born A Lady

    If a woman is a lady
    Then things will always be the same
    For time won’t change her elegance
    Her poise and beauty will remain.... more »

  • Broken Heart

    My heart is broken beyond repair,
    But you don’t care, for you walked away,
    Without a sigh or a backward glance,
    Having no chance to see all my tears.... more »

  • Canoodling In 'C'

    Colin Curry came acourting
    Comely Countess Caroline
    Craving cuddles, cool caresses
    Choosing creepers,... more »

  • Casper

    Why is it that we all assume
    That evil lurks within the gloom;
    That demons prowl in dead of night,
    To haunt our dreams and cause us fright?... more »

  • Come Dance

    Come, Dance.

    Come, dance with me beneath the moon,... more »

  • Conversing With Daisy

    Does he truly love me?
    I asked the small flower which grew in my bower.
    You do have the power to answer my plea.... more »