• A Bud In Bloom

    There's a scent like no other
    As the petals unfold
    Slowly opening to reveal
    The inner sanctum... more »

  • A Dream I Had

    Upon a steed of white came he
    As I stepped from the mist,
    He did dismount - I did recount
    That moment we first kissed.... more »

  • Broken Wings

    Broken Wings

    As I tumble from the sky
    A downward spiral... more »

  • Casting Shadows

    Behind you sits a candle, Casting Shadows.
    As the flame flickers gently,
    The light dances flurescently across your body,
    adding a new dimension to you now...... more »

  • Dear Grandma

    There is a speckled photograph
    It's sepia in hue
    While the foregrounds unfamiliar
    In the centre there sits you.... more »

  • Deceptive Bends

    He thought he played his game so well
    But he didn't know me very well...
    At all.
    He thought he had the midas touch... more »

  • Dreamweaver

    You thought you were
    The master of disguise,
    Hiding everything about yourself
    As you wove your web of deceit.... more »

  • Free

    The deck was stacked against me
    It was right from the start,
    I got dealt the Joker
    I should have had the King of Hearts.... more »

  • Ghost Rider

    On windy moor in teeming rain
    I saw a vision clear and plain
    I hushed my breath nor called, not I to
    The Ghost Rider passing by.... more »

  • I Am Here...

    Soulmate, you don't know me yet
    But I'm everywhere you go
    I pass you often on the street
    Not that you'd ever know.... more »

  • Inside The Wire

    There is life here.
    The wind dances around the trees,
    Playing chase with all foliage.
    Birds prepare to nest and build heartily... more »

  • Just One Minute More

    Our time is so precious
    An hour, maybe more
    I ask you to stay for just one minute more...
    When time goes against us... more »

  • My Keepsake

    Locked deep within my heart
    Are memories and pain
    You came into my life
    And then you left again.... more »

  • Silent Scream

    I think I must be dreaming?
    I hear the ticking of the clock
    I can hear somebody screaming
    Could this be a mental block?... more »

  • There You Stood

    You stood there,
    Hands thrust deep in pockets
    Not trusting yourself in case...
    You stood there,... more »

  • To Know Yourself

    When I get hurt I sometimes retreat
    But that doesn't mean I'm admitting defeat
    Sometimes I need just a soft place to fall
    But if I can't find it, a dark place to crawl... more »

  • Tom

    No-one ever truly knows
    The depths of one's despair
    We only know his pain was strong
    As he's no longer here... more »

  • You Won'T Say My Name

    I know you've got issues over power and control
    But my name and my needs are not yours to with-hold
    I won't make excuses and you will no longer blame
    Any reasons YOU have for not saying my name.... more »