• Sprouts From Ash

    Put in front of my worst fear
    My reality begins to disappear
    Skeletons sound the war drum
    Living on forever numb... more »

  • The Next Day

    This pain chokes the life out of me
    Why can't all of you just let me be
    Try tohold what I have together
    Becoming as light as a feather... more »

  • The Storm Rages On

    The storm rages on
    Yet you are gone
    Find the horror in dreams
    Heat drying sun beams... more »

  • The Tribe

    The tribe sentences you to exile
    Punishment for the evil you have done
    No more will speak your name
    Falter to ash... more »

  • Time

    I tried too late
    Just a little more time
    Is this my fate?
    Just a little more tme... more »

  • Tomorrow

    Another day has gone by
    Since the day you told me good-bye
    April 23 would have been 1 year today
    Wish I could lock my heart away... more »

  • Too Much

    a vioce amoung thunder
    world shaking blunder
    command the eastern shores
    sweat gin from every pore... more »

  • Welcome


    The tribe has spoken
    What token do you seek?... more »

  • What Would You Risk

    Love that your heart can't find
    Brittle heart and an eggshell mind
    The enemy can be heard
    Beat the war drums as they come insite... more »

  • Where Are You?

    Where are you today
    I don’t know what to say
    Made an unfair trade
    Memory of you starts to fade... more »

  • Where Are You? Part 2

    How long does time take?
    How long will this corpse lie unawake?
    Thunder sounds at the crash
    Slaves burn up to ash... more »

  • You Ask

    You ask why did I change
    Become someone so strange
    Why did I become this way
    I have no idea what to say... more »

  • Your Reality Is Bound For Hell

    Your reality is bound for hell
    Pennies thrown into the wishing well
    A battered and broken heart
    Smile as you tare me apart... more »