• A Friend Of A Friend

    We met by introduction
    No need for second glances
    Our lives full of second chances... more »

  • Cheating

    1st verse:

    Your life ends
    But don't fear... more »

  • Consequence Is A Pain

    The cold hard truth behind burnt eyes
    What happened to the fun inside?

    When you left it burnt out... more »

  • Dearly Beloved I Am Gone

    Dearly beloved
    I am writing to express my deepest regret
    I can't take it any more
    The stress is overpowering... more »

  • Jealousy

    It's like a drug
    Once you have a hint of it
    It consumes you
    Becomes the master of your puppet body... more »

  • My Suicide Letter

    Dear Mom and Dad
    Sorry to make you sad
    but I felt as though
    One of six would not be missed... more »

  • Poetically Challenged

    The Plot:

    I spilled my heart from the start
    It was fun for both of us... more »

  • Prom Night

    This is a murder I wrote
    Prom night hearts racing
    Anticipating the memories to last a lifetime
    But not this time... more »

  • Running

    I have to go
    Where to I do not know
    It's not safe to say
    where I am today... more »

  • Sweetest Emily

    This is the funeral for my dear sweet Emily
    I don't know how I missed the signs
    How could I have been so blind?
    Maybe with more time... more »

  • The Patient

    The Patient
    Lasts the longest
    Unconscious, comatose, unaware
    Of the constant torment of reality... more »