• A Mouse In The Night

    As a mouse creeps silently through the house
    It hardly makes any noise
    It seems like that little creature
    Holds the night in it's poise.... more »

  • Mom...

    As reality grows on all of us
    It can make us all fall off the path
    Sometimes my life seems just like a big mess
    It's all just like a big scheme of hard math.... more »

  • Mom's Cancer

    The day I found out the truth
    My mom was going to die of cancer
    It blew my heart away
    It was hard to see my dad cry all that time... more »

  • Sound Of Nature

    The tree sways gently
    The wind blows very lightly
    The sound of nature.... more »

  • The Forgetting Wide

    Everyday I go outside
    And stare into the wide
    It's not until I notice the sun setting
    I know school is one thingI can't be forgetting!... more »

  • The Turtle's Girdle

    There once lived a turtle
    Who was the best at jumping a hurdle
    But on day somethign terrible came
    He fell and became lame... more »