• A Short Stop In Time

    Afraid to die
    How can that be
    To return to Christ’s side peacefully
    To see your family once again... more »

  • A Silver Lining

    Which way does the wind blow
    North, South, East, West
    How can they say its warm or cold
    Young or old... more »

  • A Simple Call Turns To A Nightmare

    I called someone to ask
    How they were
    I found a crying voice on the other end
    Screaming and scared... more »

  • A Summer Of Love

    A summer
    A summer of love
    Which we both fell into
    Into the trap... more »

  • Angels

    They say you never believe in angels
    Until you meet one... more »

  • As Time Starts

    As time starts a river flows
    As the river flows a child cries
    As a child cries the tears become a river
    As the river is made life starts to grow again... more »

  • Besides

    When I look inside the lines
    When I look beside the black and white
    You put my world in color
    You’ve painted me a picture of my life... more »

  • Cheat

    You say you loved me
    And you say you’ll never cheat on me
    But guess what you did
    You cheated on me... more »

  • Do You Want Me To Love You

    Do you want me to hate you
    To make it harder for you to love me
    Do you try your hardest to make me mad
    So you have a reason to blame me... more »

  • Don'T Leave Me Alone

    Don’t leave me alone
    When all is unknown
    On this cold dreary night
    For blinded is my sight... more »

  • Ectasy

    A drink or two
    You say your fine
    You fall
    You laugh... more »

  • Every Day

    Everyday someone dies
    Tears are spilled
    As someone cries.... more »

  • Fly Hight If You Must

    Fly high if you must
    And never touch the ground
    Sing with the birds
    And kiss the clouds... more »

  • For A. L.

    I sit alone in my room
    Sitting, waiting, watching, listening
    Now I see who you really are
    The demon that breaks our hearts... more »

  • Forget-Me-Not

    Standing at the podium
    Speaking of a friend
    Which was here just yesterday
    And who’s life has come to an end.... more »

  • Gangsta's Prayer

    Please Lord watch over my soul tonight
    As I pass this alley’s light
    M soul is lost
    And I keep trying to make it at any cost... more »

  • Have Faith

    Here the time passes by
    Every day seems like such a lie
    Recognizing my deepest fears
    Even through the years of tears... more »

  • How Do I Go On

    A simple kiss
    Turned into such bliss
    I never saw it coming
    I always feel like running... more »

  • I Call

    His kiss calm’s my thirst for him
    His hair, a soft, silk blanket rests upon my chest
    His skin a book, kept safe, and unknown
    His eyes so deep and open make me feel welcome in his arms... more »

  • I'Ll Always

    I’ll always love you from afar
    And keep the thoughts to myself
    When I look into your eyes
    I remember all the times... more »

  • Leave Me Be

    Leave me here to bleed
    Leave me here to die
    Leave me here lying on the floor
    I don’t want to hear it anymore... more »

  • Let It Be

    In this time I see
    How this world could really be
    From all the war and hate
    To all the love and tears... more »

  • Memorial

    I want the pain to stop
    But I need help
    Will you help
    I ask... more »

  • Numb

    I’m numb inside
    And all alone
    I wait for an answer
    But nobody’s home... more »

  • Rip Me Apart

    Take my heart
    Take my fate
    Take all of me and rip me apart
    My love for you is gone... more »