• A Father's Drop

    Sweet child of today, man of tomorrow,
    If you see confusion, if you see sorrow,
    If you see delusion and if you see terror,
    Please try to understand the human error.... more »

  • A Short Prayer

    Speak to me
    in the language of the few,
    tell me 'bout
    things I thought I knew.... more »

  • Beauty's A Prison

    Beauty’s a prison when love is gone
    No matter which way you turn
    Forget the freedom you once won... more »

  • Buggers

    buggers with confidence
    stretch to their utmost
    expanding their limits
    to meet popular story.... more »

  • Death

    is everywhere
    but what concerns me of course
    is that he's breathing... more »

  • Far Away In America

    Ablaze the airflight motion
    On the realm of glass and steel,... more »

  • Haikus

    bird high on a tree:
    a few pieces of stool drop
    on a drifter's head.... more »

  • I Won'T Be Afraid Anymore

    I refuse to stand alone in the wind
    Now that I know about you.
    Ages have seen me standing here
    And I have seen them dissapear,... more »

  • King Of Hearts

    And there you are, in our hearts,
    Like you said you always would be,
    Quenching the fire of anguish,
    Making our pain flee,... more »

  • My Window View

    As I look out my window
    I see a familiar landscape
    That has been my waking view
    Every morning of these twenty years.... more »

  • On The Way To My Home Planet

    America mourned in unison,
    In unison sought relief,
    In the anthems it took courage,
    And the strength to rise from grief,... more »

  • Paint

    paint me as a waterfall,
    feel me under your skin,
    like a strange disease... more »

  • Poet In A Box

    I keep a little box that I sometimes open
    To unleash a tiny man of words
    Greater than himself, yet quite often
    Sharp-talked like a clash of swords.... more »

  • Seven Days

    On Monday
    You leave home in hungover stupor
    With remnants of the past weekend
    Humming wildly in your head... more »

  • Sidetracked

    Sidetracked in ancient drawers of my ancestors,
    Seduced by the same alluring promises,
    Like a sardine in the ocean to draw my hope from multitude
    Is to be expected from an outcast in this wilderness.... more »

  • Sky And The City

    (Written long before most of my other poems posted on Poemhunter)

    1. The Question... more »

  • Something

    This time I really
    have to write something.
    It's been so long
    and I need a break... more »

  • Spit It Out

    Alternate figures squirming down Rejection Alley
    Thought I saw me there but I only saw my future
    Is this the youth I've been looking for?
    Driven mad straight into the hands of vultures,... more »

  • Squeeze

    The heart yields enough blood
    If you sqeeze it hard enough;
    looking nice and playing tough
    ain't my trade under God... more »

  • Still Life

    Still life in its perfection
    draws deep sighs from my chest:
    a frozen mentality
    of time-beaten people.... more »

  • Sunken Wisdom

    Nothing lingers in this world,
    Nothing stands the ever changing,
    Nothing stills the cold, quiet motion
    Of Time.... more »

  • The Againer

    i question my integrity
    i question my sanity
    i question my good intentions
    no matter how much present... more »

  • The Line

    On this side of the line
    Everything seems to be fine.
    I trust noone who dares to cross.
    The means I might resort to... more »

  • To A Friend On Her Birthday

    Can I ask Heaven to be nicer to me
    When friends like these are in my life?
    Why, such nicety could never truly be
    Among the facts in a world of strife.... more »

  • Urban Delight

    under urban stress
    we wear strange feathers
    and by those feathers
    we flock together... more »