• Morning Heat

    Hard, tan body. Hair tousled.
    Lips mumbling.
    I hand you coffee. Weren't
    You my king so long ago?... more »

  • Palace Hall

    Let us walk, my king, through
    Palace halls, with my hand in
    Yours. Warmth. Warmer.
    I bring your hand to my lips... more »

  • Queen

    I walk slowly towards you from the hall.
    I want you to watch me move.
    I move with my hips and thighs.
    My soul is moving inside you now.... more »

  • Under The Hood

    Your jeans are stretched tight as you bend under the hood,
    T-shirt rumpled, pulled up. My hairy chest man.
    Those jeans. So tight, revealing, beckoning.
    'Would you like dinner now? I have... more »