• Cofa

    We are cofa members, swimming in the rivers
    we brought you happiness, no no no more tears
    we are cofa members, flying on the clouds
    clouds of holy smoke, smoke of evil thoughts... more »

  • Cofa 2

    We are cofa members, in holy septembers
    we are cofa members, in meaningful sentences
    we are cofa members, nothing resembles
    we are cofa members, waiting us light the candles... more »

  • Meaningless

    Something happens to me, when somethings happens to me
    Some big helpers were me, when there were no helpers to me
    Somehow i want it now, when there is nothing but sweet love
    Somewhere no one standing, when rising come to an ending... more »

  • Melancholy

    i just couldn't get rid of that
    that funny feeling i am dead
    i just cant feel anything
    no one tells me hey you stand... more »

  • Sign

    I am walking in the streets
    The streets which have no spirits
    I am talking with the souls
    The souls of dirty whores... more »

  • Song

    Take the control of my senses
    take the control of my heart
    be the one in each sentence
    be the one to be taken hard... more »

  • Starving Love

    Such a green day we are living
    Which we think it doesnt worth for
    Feeling the wet thankful red
    I dont want to know my role... more »