Only daughter, eldest child.
Shy at first,
In her twenties a bit wild.
Broke some hearts, shed some tears.
Settled down at 26 years.
Has husband and son, and another little bun.
Due December 08.
Can hardly wait.
This one a little girl.
Pigeon Pair complete
That will be it for pitter patter of little feet.

Has always scribbled words and sometimes they rhyme.
Better ones apparently when going thro a tough time.

Dreams of peoms being widely read.
Maybe someday before i'm dead.


Israh Sadan Poems

Angel In My Arms

Shiny little eyes
smile up at me
Tiny chubby hands
touch my face... more »


I'm tired.
I've tried it,
But have left you uninspired.
Maybe i'm not what you admired... more »

A Global Marriage

They lie in oposite hemispheres of the bed.
Silently scared in the East
And stubbornly asleep in the West
And in between them... more »

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Chaotic Life - Curly M. 14 Sep 2011 04:48
You're an interesting poet.. I like your style of writing.