• A Global Marriage

    They lie in oposite hemispheres of the bed.
    Silently scared in the East
    And stubbornly asleep in the West
    And in between them... more »

  • A Poem About Silly Breasts

    Several times a day
    I have to move them out my way
    Hitched them up
    Or rearranged... more »

  • A Sudden Sadness

    </>A sudden sadness
    spills over me
    Like liquid lead
    The lump in my throat... more »

  • Angel In My Arms

    Shiny little eyes
    smile up at me
    Tiny chubby hands
    touch my face... more »

  • Bet You Think

    Bet you think this post is about you. Don't you.
    Well maybe it is. Or maybe it's not.
    Maybe it's about no one I've ever met.
    Or someone I've always known.... more »

  • Biography

    Only daughter, eldest child.
    Shy at first,
    In her twenties a bit wild.
    Broke some hearts, shed some tears.... more »

  • Blinded

    Blinded by expectations
    I couldn't see you love me
    Perhaps I'd have recognized
    Had it looked more like gratitude... more »

  • Clay Creature

    Astounded by the pounds she carries
    Clumped together like a crude clay creature
    Clearly not God's creation.
    'What a beautiful mess this is,... more »

  • Confessions Of A Tired Wife

    Here I lay him down to rest
    Careful of the knife stuck in his chest
    There’s no chance he will awake
    Not after the poison I had him take... more »

  • Delicious Monster

    I adore you,
    You delicious monster.
    Every beastly bit of you.
    Your sickness matches mine,... more »

  • Do I Deserve This?

    I know I've done some really bad things.
    Some really stupid, senseless and cruel things.
    And I deserve to be punished.
    But I'm so terribly, terribly sorry.... more »

  • Don'T Piss Me Off

    Don’t piss me off
    I’m armed with ink.
    When I’m done writing
    You’ll know what I think... more »

  • Driving Through

    And so my heart sinks.
    Through the murky waters the light fades.
    The darker, the colder
    Flashes of anger spark in the dark... more »

  • Ever Feel?

    Ever feel that you're good
    As long as you give
    As long you never need?... more »

  • Evil Has A Name

    I've put you in the past.
    Stay, I pray.
    You haunt my happiness,
    Leaving me literally... more »

  • Expired

    I'm tired.
    I've tried it,
    But have left you uninspired.
    Maybe i'm not what you admired... more »

  • Faithless Vows

    This faithless vow I make to thee,
    I beg please to forgive of me.
    For yours my heart could never be,
    While yearning only to be free.... more »

  • Feeling

    When all my fantasies coming crashing down
    And insecurities wash me to the ground
    Can't see through my tears
    Cant find a way through my fears... more »

  • Fickle Affair

    Happy days are gone again.
    The sky is grey
    The Pen's my friend.
    When times are good... more »

  • Fool

    Like a pendulum set
    I vacillate between
    Fool - forgive
    Hurt - happiness... more »

  • Goodnight My Star

    Sleep my child
    I put thee to rest.
    I gave you life,
    I did my best.... more »

  • Grey Verse

    I can never write of happiness.
    I don't think i know the words.
    But i can always right of sadness.
    Of hurt and anger and fears.... more »

  • Happiness

    I've never trusted happiness.
    We've never quite been friends.
    And everytime that my heart breaks,
    It never really mends.... more »

  • Hi


    I need you
    I'm on my knees... more »

  • Hope Lied

    There was hope for a second
    But then hope died.
    There had been light for a moment,
    But hope had lied.... more »