• More

    More then this
    I cannot do.
    More than me
    I cannot be.... more »

  • My Pillow

    Pillow soft pillow wide
    Muffled sobs of tears I cried
    Between silent sobs
    Hear your steady exhale... more »

  • Ode To Birdie

    The Bird, she is a pretty thing
    Except when she begins to sing
    The crude crooning is for no man's ears
    Proven to bring grown men to tears.... more »

  • On A String Plaything

    She has your heart on a string
    And plays it like a yoyo.
    Up and Down.
    Reel you in and toss you out.... more »

  • Petals

    I offerd you my heart,
    You ripped it apart.
    It now lays
    Tangled in a mangle of sheets,... more »

  • Poetry

    You don't always have to relate
    just recognice
    and appreciate
    the genius.... more »

  • Pretty Vase

    Oh pretty vase
    Where have you been?
    Inside who’s homes
    Have you seen?... more »

  • Rebirth

    He places his hand
    on the small of my back
    It tingles and burns
    On my skin and within.... more »

  • Sad Tale

    I grow stale of this tale
    And with deep regret
    I try to forget a kindness,
    a confidence... more »

  • Seduction Addiction

    A seduction addiction
    a predilection
    to tease,
    And please,... more »

  • Self Sacrifice

    My independence liberates you.
    I can not beg for your attention
    Nor be content with your last
    exhausted minutes... more »

  • Silly Poem About Pimples

    The spotty face
    stares back at me
    On the chin alone
    I count more than three.... more »

  • Smug

    So smug
    You breath that sigh of relief
    And in the same breath the air of arrogance
    You did it again... more »

  • Solid Gold

    I guess
    I'm not much to look at.
    Kind of an irregular lump.
    But this lump is gold,... more »

  • Something Lacking

    There's something lacking
    In my life
    I can feel it
    But can't figure... more »

  • Stupid Girl

    I was stupid
    I was blind
    Believed he was
    One of a kind... more »

  • Sweet Stranger

    Heart broken.
    Finding it hard to comprehend that I’m heart broken
    Because I always thought I had no heart.
    Having always been a cold, controlled bitch... more »

  • Thank You

    Thank you for this wedding ring,
    And all the joy it promised to bring.
    I thank you for this house we share,
    Even though you're barely there.... more »

  • The Debate

    Today I seek it.
    A pill to calm the chaos in my heart
    To slow the flow of emotion to my brain
    Something to soften the sharp shards... more »

  • The Worry

    Worry weighs you down
    Like sand in a bag.
    Sand in your sox
    causing discomfort and pain.... more »

  • These Days

    There are days,
    Most days,
    When I am sure
    I am the least important... more »

  • These Little Hearts

    Don't scar them in anger.
    A hurt by your hands
    Takes so long to heal.
    And what won't heal... more »

  • Thrown Away

    Thrown away
    That’s how I feel
    Tossed aside
    I've lost my appeal... more »

  • Trapped

    trapped in a cage of thorns
    I was seduced by the scent of roses
    fell in love with the embrace of velvet petals
    then woke from the throws of passion... more »

  • Trying To Trust

    Trying hard to trust
    Poisoned by too much pain
    Memories morph with reality
    Reeling me in from moving on.... more »