Isunge Mwangase Poems

Calling Yestaday

A step forward could mean moving on,
Another-leaving you behind,
Just yesterday you loved me,
And promised my hapiness before yours always,... more »

Afer She Smiled, A Kiss She Blew Me

After she smiled, a kiss she blew me,
Like a woodpecker making her nest
I heard my heart quake,
When she turned around and drenched his lips,... more »

I Lick My Lips To Taste Our Kiss From Yesterday

I lick my lips to taste our kiss from yesterday-
Caress these scratches on my back
To revitalize your touch-... more »

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Comments about Isunge Mwangase

Peya Jakob 22 Jan 2009 06:57
make a wish! there are two things i know the world needs-hope and a menage.
Cupid Missed! 21 Sep 2008 07:50
Aribah! I can still make stuff disappear.Now you see nothing...And now u can say...I see wonderful things!